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WASR-m AK 47 Rifle

Explore the powerful Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle, a Romanian-manufactured 9mm semi-auto with a classic look and feel. Buy WASR-M AK 47 Rifle with BTC.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Chambered in 9mm for readily available ammunition
  • Semi-automatic action for quick and efficient shooting
  • 17.5″ barrel provides accuracy and control
  • Comes with a 33rd Glock-style magazine
  • Classic AK-47 look and controls for familiarity
  • Durable black finish for a sleek appearance
  • Wood furniture adds a touch of traditional aesthetics
  • Glock magazine compatibility for convenience
  • Ideal for enthusiasts and shooting sports
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Condition: Brand New

Unveiling the New 2020 Century Arms WASR-m AK 47 Rifle: A Classic with Modern Capabilities

Buy WASR-m AK 47 Rifle
Buy WASR-m AK 47 Rifle

Welcome, gun enthusiasts! It’s time to talk about a truly tremendous addition to the firearm fraternity. Allow us to introduce the all-new, much-awaited firearm of this year – the Century Arms WASR-m AK 47 rifle. This fantastic rifle not only bears the traditional look of an AK 47 but is exceptionally advanced and enhanced for the modern shooter.

“A perfect blend of classic design and modern technology.”

Just released for 2020, Century Arms‘ newest model, the WASR-m AK 47 style rifle, brings to the table an array of features that you’ll absolutely love. For starters, this model has been manufactured in Romania and imported across miles, enduring a transformation with enough parts to become 922nd compliant. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  1. This fantastic model not only looks like a traditional AK but also bears similar controls, which offers familiarity to seasoned shooters.
  2. Standard with the firearm, you get a 33rd Glock-style magazine.
  3. It’s chambered in the readily available 9mm cartridge which is a common favorite among shooting aficionados.
  4. Fascinatingly, it features a 17.5″ Barrel and comes with classic wood furniture giving it a hardy feel alongside a vintage appearance.

Whether you’re just a simple admirer or a seasoned collector of firearms, the Century Arms WASR-m AK 47 rifle is sure to impress and offer an experience worth remembering.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a unique, all-around rifle, then look no further than the all-new 2020 Century Arms WASR-m AK 47. This Romanian-manufactured model is a hot ticket item in the firearms world and a top choice amongst enthusiasts for its rich and sturdy construction.

What sets the WASR-m AK 47 rifle apart, you might ask? First off, the model is chambered in the readily available 9mm cartridge. This means that whether you’re out in the wild or in a shooting range, finding the right ammunition for your rifle won’t be a problem. This is perfect for those impromptu shoots where every second matters.

Each rifle comes as standard with a 33rd Glock-style magazine. Perfect for those who value both capacity and reliability in their firearms. With this standard feature, you get the assurance of a consistent, smooth operation every time you pull the trigger.

Don’t let the modern design features fool you, though, because the WASR-m AK 47 is as traditional as it gets. The rifle boasts a traditional AK look and controls that most shooters are familiar and comfortable with. The straightforward design is not just visually pleasing but also ensures easy handling, even for AK first-timers.

Dive Into the Amazing Features of the WASR-m AK 47 Rifle

One look at the all-new WASR-m from Century Arms and you’ll see why it’s quickly becoming a favorite among shooters. In fact, it’s more than just a weapon; it’s a plinking machine like no other! This unique firearm deftly overlaps the traditional manual of arms and appearance that you’d expect from AK-style rifles with a more modern and convenient structure. The combination of classic and innovative design elements has produced a variant that’s not just visually stunning but also easy and fun to operate.

This peerless model is the more advanced version of the vastly popular NAK-9. It, however, stands out with its 17.5″ barrel which significantly ups the ante on accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice, you’ll appreciate the precision that this rifle delivers. Every pull of the trigger promises an unparalleled shooting experience.

Moreover, one aspect that majorly sets the WASR-m AK 47 apart from its competitors is its compatibility with Glock style magazines. These are known for their reliability and widespread availability in the market. This ability to use Glock magazines not only offers widespread compatibility that’s much appreciated by shooters but also ensures that swapping mags is a breeze.

This phenomenal rifle comes with classic wood furniture adding to its traditionally elegant aesthetic. And that’s not all – it ships with a 33rd Glock style magazine, symbolizing the best of both worlds: Classic AK familiarity merged with the versatility of Glock compatibility. Trust us, this amalgamation is as effective as it gets!

A Classic Design with Modern Upgrades

At the heart of the amazing Century Arms, the WASR-m AK 47 rifle is its classic design that’s been enhanced with modern upgrades. This rifle’s genuinely captivating charm lies in its harmonious amalgamation of time-tested AK functionality with the latest technological advances. Starting with a look that any gun enthusiast readily recognizes, the model then adds a few special touches to bring it up to speed with today’s shooting requirements.

One distinct aspect of the WASR-m AK 47 rifle that sets it apart from its peers is the caliber. Unlike other models, this one is chambered in the readily available and ever-reliable 9mm cartridge. This serves to make it not only versatile in a myriad of operational contexts but also economical considering the affordability and availability of 9mm ammo. This feature alone makes it a prime choice for shooters who want to maximize their shooting experience without breaking the bank.

  • 9mm Cartridge: Unlike other models that use less common cartridges, this rifle uses the ever-reliable 9mm cartridge. Not only does this make it versatile, it also makes it more economical, especially for shooters who need to frequently replenish their ammunition.
  • 922rd Compliant: This model is Romanian manufactured and imported. It already fulfills the parts requirements to make it 922nd compliant, which means you’re within the law right out of the box. No extra paperwork is necessary!
  • 33rd Glock Style Magazine: To complement the high-capacity cartridges, a 33rd Glock style magazine also comes standard with each rifle purchase. With this, you can happily stay in the range, plinking or training, without the constant need to reload.

Another fantastic feature of the Century Arms WASR-m AK 47 rifle is its 17.5” barrel. This length is a perfect balance that offers the ideal blend of accuracy and maneuverability. The length is robust enough for delivering rounds accurately at a reasonable distance, yet short enough to ensure the rifle doesn’t become too unwieldy in close-quarters situations.

In addition, the rifle also features classic wood furniture that lends a touch of the old-school look and feel to the overall design. This not only enhances the rifle’s visual aesthetic but also its comfort and grip, providing the shooter with an efficient, comfortable shooting platform.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

The Century Arms RI3765N: WASR-m AK 47 rifle stands out in the sea of other 9mm rifles because of its robust performance and unflinching reliability. When you get your hands on the Century Arms WASR-M, the first thing you notice is its solid build – a tangible promise of a device that can be relied upon even in the toughest conditions. Built to endure and excel, this Romanian-imported and manufactured rifle offers you a shooting experience like no other.

Every piece of this fantastic Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle comes together to offer an incredible performance. Its chamber is designed to handle the readily available 9mm cartridge. With each WASR-M, you get a standard 33rd Glock-style magazine, a much-required aid for continuous, uninterrupted shooting.

The exceptional durability of the WASR-m AK 47 rifle is due, in part, to the strict 922nd compliance, a regulation directed towards maintaining the quality and safety standards of rifles. Under this compliance, each WASR-M receives enough parts to be fully operational and ready for use the moment you unbox it. This compliance is not just about fulfilling the legal necessities—it’s a stamp of assurance and trust that comes with every WASR-M AK 47 rifle.

The trusty 17.5″ Barrel is another significant characteristic of this rifle. This part of the shooting equipment stands out due to its incredible accuracy, even at long distances. It contributes to an improved grouping of shots, ensuring each round finds its mark.

Crafted with classic wood furniture, the WASR-m AK 47 rifle features the traditional AK look that most shooters are familiar with. This classic appearance is paired with modern controls, providing an efficient and comfortable shooting experience – whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a rifle that doesn’t compromise on performance and reliability, the WASR-m AK 47 Rifle from Century Arms is your best bet. Its beautiful fusion of robust design, classic aesthetics, and modern controls makes it a must-have for anyone eager to own a piece of the finest shooting equipment out there.

Exploring the Features and Specifications of WASR-M AK 47 Rifle

Get WASR-m AK 47 Rifle
Get WASR-m AK 47 Rifle

Introducing the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle, a noteworthy addition to the world of firearms for this year. This model is distinguished by its Romanian manufacture and importation, reflecting not just quality but also outstanding performance. It’s been updated with necessary parts to meet a 922rd compliance, a testimony of its dedication to factors that go beyond just raw power.

Let’s delve more into this remarkable piece of engineering:

  • One of the features that sets the WASR-M apart from other rifles is its chamber caliber. This model is chambered in the readily available and popular 9mm cartridge – making it an excellent choice for those familiar with this firepower and its impact.
  • The WASR-M arrives standard with a 33-round Glock-style magazine, offering its owner an ample line of defense or tools for sport shooting. Each round is easy to load and eject, and all are housed within a sturdy, easy-to-handle magazine.
  • Boasting a 17.5-inch Barrel, the WASR-M has the perfect balance between compactness and reach. This length allows for accuracy at varied distances, making it a versatile firearm regardless of your shooting needs.
  • Maintaining the iconic aesthetic of the AK lineage, this rifle includes classic wood furniture. This addition adds not only a timeless look but also functionality and durability. The wood is tough, and reliable, and gives the firearm a traditional feel.

In essence, the WASR-M AK 47 is a rifle that marries tradition with modernity, fine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. It’s great whether you’re a professional shooter or an enthusiast seeking a reliable and powerful firearm for your collection.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of owning and operating a Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle? Browse our collection today, and secure your piece of firearm history. The WASR-M is an AK 47-style rifle that promises satisfaction, performance, and a shooting experience unlike any other.

Spec Table of  WASR-M AK 47 Rifle

Specifications Details
Model WASR-M
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 33rd Magazines
Magazine Type Glock
Barrel Length 17.5″
OAL 35.5″
Finish Black
Furniture Wood

High Capacity Magazine Included with Romanian Manufactured Excellence

If you’ve been on the hunt for an AK-style rifle that offers top-notch performance alongside unique design features, look no further than the Century Arms WASR-m AK 47 Rifle.  Bringing the classic AK design into the modern age, this Romanian-made weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this model is the ammunition it uses. Designed to fire the easily accessible 9mm cartridge, this rifle ensures that you’ll never have to scour gun stores to find suitable ammunition. With rounds that you can find virtually anywhere, your shooting experience becomes instantly more convenient and economical.

One of the most important aspects of any rifle is the magazine. With the WASR-m AK 47, you’re getting a high-capacity, 33-round Glock style magazine.

What does that mean for you? It means more shooting and less reloading. It ensures that whether you’re in a target-shooting competition or spending a casual day at the range, you won’t be interrupted by frequent pauses to refill your magazine.

Moreover, this particular AK model is 922rd compliant and has undergone a series of rigorous tests to ensure the ultimate in safety and reliability. Streamlined controls and features maintain the traditional AK look while offering an enhanced user experience.

At the heart of this rifle is its 17.5-inch barrel. Enclosed within the stunning, classic wood furniture, the exquisitely made barrel is designed to deliver optimal performance, every time.

So, whether you’re a long-time AK enthusiast looking to add to your collection, or you’re a novice shooter interested in the power and history behind the AK-style rifles, the Century Arms WASR-m AK 47 Rifle is a model that is certainly worth considering.

Familiar WASR-M AK 47 Rifle Controls for Easy Operation

Are you an avid firearm enthusiast looking for an exceptional rifling experience or a beginner in search of an easy-to-handle yet versatile firearm? Then the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle should be your go-to choice. The major advantage of this Romanian beauty is its AK-style controls that even rookies will quickly master.

What makes the WASR-M AK 47 Rifle controls so remarkable? Exactly how familiar and intuitive they are. Whether you’ve dealt with other AK variants previously or not, you’ll find the WASR-M AK 47 Rifle’s control platform easy to grasp and operate.

“Ease of operation signifies an effective piece of weaponry, and the WASR-M AK 47 Rifle stands true to that testament.”

Let’s enumerate some key points on why the WASR-m AK 47 controls are highly sought in the market:

  1. Intuitive design: The WASR-m AK 47 follows a conventional AK design that allows you to instinctively know where the controls are located, thereby speeding up your reaction time especially in crucial moments.
  2. Comfort: The grip and trigger controls on this rifle are created to fit comfortably into your hands, reducing fatigue and increasing control while firing.
  3. Familiarity: The WASR-m AK 47 Rifle incorporates native AK controls, which makes switching from different rifle models to this one a seamless process.

With the WASR-m AK 47 Rifle, Century Arms continues its tradition of manufacturing firearms that strike the perfect balance between sophistication, reliability, and user ease. Its familiar AK controls combined with modern enhancements are precisely what you need for a more confident, safe, and superior shooting experience.

Why wait then? Boost your shooting proficiency with the best in class – the WASR-M AK 47 Rifle. Enjoy the power of Romanian manufactured excellence with the simplicity of AK-style controls. Your rifle experience is about to hit a new high!

Why the WASR-M AK-47 Rifle Stands Out

WASR-m AK 47 Rifle


When it comes to the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 style rifle, what really makes it shine is its combination of traditional AK aesthetics and modern, performance-driven features. Here’s what sets it apart.

Advanced Chambering and Compliance

The WASR-M AK 47 is chambered in the ubiquitous 9mm cartridge, making ammunition both readily available and affordable. This is a significant advantage for both new shooters and veterans alike. What’s more, the WASR-M meets the 922rd compliance, ensuring legality and import eligibility

Romanian Manufacturing and Importing

This AK 47 style rifle is Romanian manufactured and imported, guaranteeing a level of craftsmanship and accuracy that’s celebrated worldwide. The WASR-M is built with a sufficient number of US parts to fulfill the requirements for importation into the United States.

Traditional AK features with a Modern Twist

The WASR-M showcases a simplicity of design that has been the hallmark of its lineage, lending it a timeless appeal. But that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in modern features. Far from it. This rifle sports a 17.5-inch barrel for improved accuracy and wooden furniture that enhances its visual appeal.

Glock Style 33 Round Magazine

Another standout feature of the WASR-M AK 47 style rifle is its inclusion of a high-capacity, Glock-style magazine. This rifle comes standard with a 33-round mag, giving shooters plenty of rounds downrange between reloads, enhancing both performance and shooting experience.

In conclusion, the Century Arms WASR-M combines tradition and innovation to create a truly extraordinary AK-47 style rifle. From its superior chambering to its high-capacity magazine and Romanian craftsmanship, every aspect of this rifle has been designed with the user in mind.

Buy now WASR-m AK 47 Rifle from Brownellsguns

If you’re an enthusiast who values quality and reliability, let us introduce you to the newest addition to our collection, the revolutionary Century Arms WASR-M AK-47! The globally recognized AK-47 rifle gets a 21st-century transformation while keeping the classic and easy-to-handle design that has made it a popular choice among gun owners worldwide.

Employing advanced engineering and top-notch craftsmanship, the Century Arms WASR-M AK-47 Rifle promises not just fantastic performance, but also unbeatable durability. Its powerful 9mm cartridge ensures unparalleled knockdown power, making it a preferred choice for target shooting and home defense.

Remember, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, understanding the finer details can help you make an informed choice. Let’s look at the star features that put this AK-47 style rifle at the forefront of firearm innovation.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about the barrel. The WASR-m AK 47 features a 17.5″ barrel, providing exceptional accuracy and distance capabilities. The classic wood furniture not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances comfort and handling.

Every WASR-M AK 47 rifle comes with a Glock-style 33rd magazine, a reliable, high-capacity magazine that only adds to the user-friendliness of this marvelous firearm.

Brought into the U.S. through Romanian craftsmanship, it receives sufficient parts to make it 922rd compliant. The Century Arms WASR-M AK-47 style rifle is a perfect blend of quality, performance, and longevity.

Get ready to experience the classic heritage of the AK-47 combined with modern enhancements. Take a step into the future of firearms with this performance-driven and versatile rifle. The Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle is now available at our online store. Don’t miss this opportunity to add this wonder of engineering to your collection.

Buy now and witness the monumental presence of the WASR-m AK 47 Rifle.

The Perfect Choice for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Whether you are a gun enthusiast, a collector, or a professional, the WASR-m AK 47 Rifle is a wise choice for several reasons. Not only is it pulling from a long and legendary history of reliable firearms, but it is also dawning new-age improvements that comply with modern requirements.

Century Arms RI3765N gives you the chance to own part of that history with the 2020 update on the classic design – a blend of old-school charm with modern upgrades. The traditional AK look is maintained, retaining that timeless appeal, and there are convenient, familiar controls that most shooters appreciate.

Quality lies in the details, and that’s where the WASR-m AK 47 truly stands out. Let’s delve into what makes this rifle a perfect choice:

  • Construction: This is not a run-of-the-mill weapon. It is Romanian-manufactured and imported, striking a delicate balance between classical craftsmanship and modern compliance protocol.
  • Advanced Chambering: Designed with advanced chambering in 9mm, it is created with usability in mind. The readily available 9mm cartridge ensures that you’ll never be left dry.
  • High Capacity Magazine: A 33rd Glock-style magazine that comes as standard, providing you with the firepower you need in any situation.

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WASR-m AK 47 Rifle FAQ
WASR-m AK 47 Rifle FAQ

Q1. What caliber is the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle?

A: The WASR-M AK-47 Rifle is chambered in 9mm.

Q2.How many rounds does the included magazine hold?

A: The rifle comes standard with a 33-round Glock-style magazine.

Q3. Is the Century Arms WASR-M 922rd compliant?

A: Yes, the WASR-M is manufactured and imported in compliance with 922nd regulations.

Q4. What is the barrel length of the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle?

A: The rifle features a 17.5-inch barrel for improved accuracy.

Q5. Can I use other magazines with the Century Arms WASR-M?

A: While it comes with a Glock-style magazine, the WASR-M is designed for Glock compatibility, allowing for the use of other compatible magazines.

Q6. What is the finish of the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle?

A: The rifle has a sleek black finish for both durability and aesthetics.

Q7. Is the wood furniture on the Century Arms WASR-M purely decorative?

A: No, the classic wood furniture on the WASR-M not only adds to its traditional AK 47 appearance but also provides a comfortable and functional grip for the user.


As we wrap up our in-depth look at the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle, it’s evident to see why this gun stands out as a remarkable choice for gun enthusiasts, collectors, and professional operators alike. With its robust design, advanced chambering, and high-capacity magazine, it delivers on the promise of unbeatable performance and reliability.

Not only is it chambered in the readily available 9mm cartridge, which is hugely beneficial from an affordability and availability perspective, but the inclusion of a Glock-style 33-round magazine truly sets it apart in its class. Combine this with the traditional AK look and controls that most shooters are familiar with, and you’ve got a rifle that is user-friendly, yet powerful and effective.

Despite these major pluses, there’s also an impressive commitment to quality craftsmanship that’s impossible to ignore. With its Romanian roots, you’re guaranteed a finely tuned piece of hardware that’s undergone intensive testing and quality checks. Add in the 17.5″ barrel and the classic wood furniture that gives it a timeless aesthetic, and you’ve got something that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to shoot.

All in all, the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 boasts an equilibrium of classic elegance, modern functionality, and unmatched performance. This fantastic rifle integrates seamlessly into any collection or gun safe.

To summarize succinctly: The WASR-M AK 47 is a reliable, high-performing, and beautifully crafted piece of weaponry, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking for unmatched performance and aesthetic appeal.

Don’t take our word for it – experience the Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle for yourself. We promise it is as good as we say it is, and then some. Remember, Brownellsguns is here to provide the highest quality firearms directly to your doorstep.

WASR-M AK 47 Rifle
WASR-m AK 47 Rifle

Explore the powerful Century Arms WASR-M AK 47 Rifle, a Romanian-manufactured 9mm semi-auto with a classic look and feel.

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