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Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle

Buy now Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle, AR-15, 5.56 Rifle, M-Lok Handguard, Home Defense Firearm, Competitive Shooting, Recreational Range. Buy Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle with BTC.


  1. Uncluttered Architecture for Sleek Design
  2. Bravo Company M-Lok Handguard for Customization
  3. Shot-Peened and Magnetic Particle Inspected Bolt for Maximum Reliability
  4. Nickel Boron-Coated Fire Controls for Smooth Operation
  5. Flip-Up Iron Sights Included as Standard
  6. Ideal for Home Defense, Competition, and Recreational Range Use
  7. Worldwide free Shipping
  8. Condition: Brand New


  1. Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 REM)
  2. Barrel: 16″ CMV, Melonite®, 1:8
  3. Upper Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum, Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  4. Lower Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum, Type III Hardcoat Anodized, Accu-Tite™ Tension System
  5. Bolt Carrier Group: M16 w/ Carpenter 158 Steel Bolt, HPT/MPI, Melonite®
  6. Gas System: Direct Impingement Mid-Length, Picatinny Pinned Gas Block
  7. Weight: 6 lbs. 11 oz.
  8. Length: 32.25″ – 35.5″

Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle: Your Ultimate Guide for Home Defense and Recreational Range Time

Buy Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle
Buy Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle

There’s a new player in town that’s drawing attention from shotgun enthusiasts, recreational marksmen, and home defenders alike – the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle. With its remarkable features and cutting-edge technology, it’s time to cast the spotlight on this game changer in the world of firearms.

The Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle, a product of Springfield Armory, stands out for its sleek, uncluttered architecture, making it the ideal tool not only for home defense but also for competition or recreational range time.

So what sets the Springfield SAINT 5.56 apart? Why is the M-LOK AR-15 Rifle drawing such a frenzy of interest among firearm aficionados? Let’s break it down:

  • The top-end Bravo Company M-Lok compatible handguards not only look aesthetic but come with an internal heat shield and ample space for accessories. Adaptability at its finest.
  • It boasts a shot-peened and magnetic particle inspected Carpenter 158 steel bolt, ensuring maximum reliability under any circumstance.
  • The fire controls are coated with nickel boron, giving the SAINT a silky smooth personality that’s a pleasure to handle.
  • Another advantage? Flip-up iron sights come standard. No compromising on your aim here.

We’ll delve deeper into these features in the following sections, presenting an in-depth review of the Springfield SAINT M-Lok Rifle that you won’t want to miss.

If you’re in search of an ultimate firearm that can do it all – home defense, shooting competition, or recreational range time – your search ends here. The answer is the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle.

Let’s begin with its sleek, uncluttered design. Springfield Armory® has constructed the SAINT® 5.56 to be user-friendly and optimal for all levels of firearm proficiency. It’s packed with features that offer both visual appeal and functionality.

At the forefront of these features are the top-end Bravo Company M-Lok® compatible handguards. These not only give the SAINT hyper-modern aesthetics but also include an internal heat shield. What does this mean for you? Well, intense shooting sessions won’t affect the handguard’s temperature, leading to a comfortable grip at all times. Plus, the design offers plenty of space for accessories, allowing for extensive customization to make this rifle truly yours.

Feature Benefit
Magnetic Particle Inspected Carpenter 158 steel bolt Gives the rifle maximum reliability, boosting your shooting experience
Nickel boron-coated fire controls Endows the SAINT with a silky-smooth personality and ease of use

The Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle also boasts nickel boron-coated fire controls, a subtle yet significant enhancement. This coating grants the SAINT unsurpassed smoothness, which you’ll appreciate every time you handle the firearm.

In addition to these features, the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle includes flip-up iron sights as a standard feature. This ensures you’re ready to shoot straight out of the box, with no additional purchases necessary.

Providing a balance of high-end features and affordability, the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle sets a high standard in the world of rifles.

In conclusion, the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle is not just a firearm – it’s a testament to Springfield Armory’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly rifles. With the SAINT, you’re not only getting a top-tier firearm, but you’re also joining a community of shooters who value excellence in every shot.

One of the distinct features of the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle is its sleek and uncluttered architecture. This design is the epitome of functionality wrapped in elegance, making it an ideal tool for home defense, competition, or recreational range time. With a Carpenter 158 steel bolt that has been shot-peened and magnetic particle inspected, the rifle takes reliability to a new level. Such meticulous construction showcases the SAINT’s versatile nature, proving that it’s just as capable in high-pressure, defensive scenarios as it is in the competitive or recreational field.

Get Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle
Get Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle

The SAINT 5.56 doesn’t stop at just being a reliable rifle. Its Bravo Company M-LOK compatible handguards, equipped with an internal heat shield, offer plenty of space for accessories. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to customize your firearm or a professional requiring specific add-ons, the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle’s compatibility with M-LOK accessories provides you with an array of customization options.

Additionally, the rifle’s fire controls coated with nickel boron give the SAINT a silky smooth personality. This upgrade contributes to a smoother, more dependable operation, letting you focus on your aim rather than the firearm’s mechanics. And guess what? This high-performance rifle comes standard with flip-up iron sights – no need to purchase separately. It’s features like these that make the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle stand out among its peers.

To sum it up, the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle is more than just a tool – it’s a partner, an ally, a dependable buddy at the shooting range or in the heat of competition. It’s a symbol of Springfield Armory’s mission to offer prime, high-quality firearms that don’t just perform, but also elevate your overall shooting experience.

The Distinctive Feature of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle: Its Pinned Picatinny Gas Block

One critical feature of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle that sets it apart is the pinned picatinny gas block. This gas block is intentionally trim and sleek, designed for maximum performance without the unnecessary bulk. It’s minimized to an optimal size, offering you the smooth operation and efficient handling you require, without compromising the balance or maneuverability of the rifle.

This particular design feature ensures that the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle performs at its peak, providing an excellent response and the steadfast reliability that has become synonymous with Springfield Armory’s SAINT range. The slim profile of the gas block also enhances the overall aesthetic of the rifle, creating a sleek and streamlined look that matches its exceptional performance.

So the next time you’re at the range or in a competition, and you need a rifle that won’t let you down, the Springfield SAINT M-LOK Rifle – with its distinctive pinned picatinny gas block – could be just the ally you need. Trust us, this rifle is worth every bit of your attention.

Standard Included Flip-up Sights for Immediate Range Readiness

Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle product
Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle product

To enhance your experience further, the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle comes equipped with standard flip-up sights, a delightful addition that caters to your convenience. Don’t you just love it when your rifle is ready to rock the moment you hit the range? Well, with these flip-up sights included as standard, that’s exactly the scenario you’ll find yourself in.

The specifications of these sights are carefully thought-out to provide rapid sight target acquisition, boosting your overall performance at the range. This means you get to appreciate the high-grade efficiency of your M-LOK Rifle without a hitch. It truly is a rifle designed for passionate individuals who appreciate reliability and performance, wrapped up in an attractive, well-built package.

The blend of a pinned Picatinny gas block with the added flip-up sights sets the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle apart in the market today. So, whether you’re preparing for a friendly competition, gearing up for a strenuous range session, or ensuring you have an effective means of home defense, this rifle stands tall as a top contender.

In terms of functionality and practical design, one of the key features of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle is the Bravo Company PMCR M-LOK® handguard. Crafted from top-grade materials, this handguard offers a delicate balance between lightweight construction and rugged durability. Its M-LOK® compatibility ensures that you have plenty of space for all your desired accessories and attachments, thus enhancing the versatility of this remarkable rifle.

Moving onto the furniture of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle, the Bravo Company has spared no effort. The M-LOK® compatible pieces are lightweight, which, coupled with their superior ruggedness, make them perfectly suited for long wear and rough handling. Whether you’re in a tough competition or an aggressive range session, the rifle maintains a comfortable hold, allowing you to focus solely on your aim and precision. With the combinations of such superior specs and features, isn’t it clear why the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle remains a top player in the firearms market?

Enter the Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 REM), Black Barrel 16″ CMV, Melonite®, 1:8

Next, let’s talk caliber, color, and barrel. When you acquire your very own Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle, you’re getting a weapon chambered for the efficient 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 REM) rounds. The design of this caliber optimizes your experience, offering high penetration with minimal recoil, which makes it an ideal choice for any shooting range or home defense scenario.

Moving onto the aesthetic aspect, the beautiful, bold black coloring of the rifle adds a touch of sleek to your firepower. With its design and high quality finishing, the weapon’s look speaks to its performance — a perfectly meshed blend of function and fashion.

As for the impressive 16″ CMV barrel with Melonite® 1:8 finish, it takes the rifle’s performance to the next level. The barrel mitigates the recoil whilst promoting the velocity and accuracy of your projectiles. The Melonite finish provides added protection against corrosion and wear over time, ensuring the longevity of your rifle. All in all, this level of detail to materials and finishing touch not only increases the rifle’s durability but elevates its shooting capacity and accuracy, making the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle a robust choice for any shooting enthusiast.

Let’s move on to focus on the intricacies of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle’s sights and receivers. Fitted with low profile adjustable flip-up sights, the Springfield Saint M-LOK gives a precise aim for immediate range readiness. The upper receiver is a forged 7075 T6 aluminum piece, resilient with a type III hardcoat anodized finish. Important features such as the forward assist and M4 feed ramps are included in the design, ensuring a seamless release and feeding of ammunition.

To complement the upper receiver, the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle also boasts an equally durable and capable lower receiver. Also forged from 7075 T6 aluminum and type III hardcoat anodized, this lower receiver is specially designed with the Accu-Tite™ tension system. Herein lies the true genius of the Springfield Saint M-LOK: the precision in its design enables both receivers to snugly hold together, providing excellent stability and accuracy, enhancing your shooting experience. The handguard is constructed excellently as well. It’s full-length, with plenty of M-Lok attachment points to meet your accessory needs, making your Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle the ideal tool for a wide variety of shooting applications.

Delving into the Nuts and Bolts of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle

The Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle possesses more than just a sleek exterior; it’s packed with top-notch features inside too. Let’s go in-depth with these specs to give you a complete understanding of what makes this rifle exceptional.

The M16 Bolt Carrier Group: The Backbone of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle

The rifle features an M16 bolt carrier group that’s crafted with Carpenter 158 steel. This high-grade military specification metal is shot-peened and magnetic particle inspected to ensure maximum durability and reliability. Plus, its High Pressure Testing/Magnetic Particle Inspection (HPT/MPI) licensing guarantees defect-free production.

Gas System and Picatinny Pinned Gas Block: Smooth Operation Guaranteed

The firearm utilizes a Mil-Spec mid-length direct impingement gas system. Alongside this lies a meticulously machined Picatinny pinned gas block that keeps the gas tube solidly in place, ensuring that cycling operations run smoothly every time.

A BCMGUNFIGHTER™ PMCR, M-LOK® Handguard: Accessorize Your Way

The Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle employs an M-LOK® equipped handguard from BCMGUNFIGHTER™ PMCR. This allows for easy attachment of your desired accessories, facilitating customization to your specific needs.

Maximize Comfort and Control with BCMGUNFIGHTER™ elements

Additional features include a mod 0 stock and a mod 3 grip from BCMGUNFIGHTER™, enhancing both comfort and control while handling your Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle. The Nickel Boron coated GI trigger further improves functionality, offering an extremely smooth firing process.

Magazines and Weight: Convenient and Portable

Despite its robust build, this SAINT® 5.56 rifle is surprisingly lightweight at only 6 lbs. 11 oz. Every Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle is also equipped with a (1) 30-round Magpul PMAG Gen M3 magazine, ensuring you’re range-ready right out of the box.

Table Overview of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle’s Main Features

Specifications Details
Bolt Carrier Group M16 w/ Carpenter 158 Steel
Gas System Direct Impingement Mid-Length
Trigger Nickel Boron Coated GI
Magazines (1) 30-Round Magpul PMAG Gen M3
Weight 6 lbs. 11 oz.

Buy Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle from Brownellsguns

Whether you’re new to the world of firearms or an experienced enthusiast, the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle is a surefire choice for its simplicity and ease of use. And Brownellsguns is your reliable source to buy this top-tier firearm.

Why choose Brownellsguns? The answer is simple. In addition to our vast selection of firearms, we boast excellent customer service and secure online transactions, ensuring buying your Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

“The Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle is an impressive tool for defense, competition, or range time. It comes with several high-end features as standard like Bravo Company M-Lok compatible handguards and flip-up iron sights. It’s built to last and designed for reliable performance.”

In case you’re wondering, here’s what you get when you purchase the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle:

  • Saint 5.56: This is part of the package, including M-Lok AR-15 Rifle and Pic gas block.
  • Top-notch handguards: Bravo Company M-Lok compatible handguards come standard. They include an internal heat shield and ample space for accessories.
  • Quality control features: You also get a shot-peened, and magnetic particle inspected Carpenter 158 steel bolt for utmost reliability.
  • Smooth operator: Nickel boron-coated fire controls contribute to the rifle’s smooth operation.

At Brownellsguns, we believe in providing our customers with the most accurate and latest information about our products. Here is the UPC for the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle

So, are you ready to bring sport, defense, and recreation to your home? Buy the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle from Brownellsguns and enjoy high-performance reliability right from unboxing. Remember, life’s too short for an ordinary firearm. Grab your very own Saint M-LOK Rifle and experience the difference.

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Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle FAQ
Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle FAQ

Q1: What makes the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle ideal for home defense?

A: The sleek, uncluttered design and versatile M-Lok handguard make it maneuverable in tight spaces, while the reliable components ensure readiness.

Q2: Can I customize the Springfield Saint with additional accessories?

A: Absolutely. The Bravo Company M-Lok handguard provides ample space for accessories, allowing you to personalize your rifle according to your preferences.

Q3: Is the Springfield Saint suitable for competitive shooting?

A: Yes, the rifle’s precision design, included flip-up iron sights, and reliable components make it an excellent choice for competitive shooting.

Q4: What is the significance of the Nickel Boron-coated fire controls?

A: The Nickel Boron coating ensures a silky smooth trigger operation, enhancing the overall shooting experience with improved control.

Q5: Can the Springfield Saint be used for recreational range time?

A: Absolutely. Its versatile design makes it equally well-suited for recreational shooting, providing an enjoyable experience for range enthusiasts.

Q6: Does the rifle come with a warranty or guarantee?

A: Springfield Armory stands by its products. Specific warranty details can be found in the product documentation, ensuring your peace of mind.

Q7: How does the Accu-Tite™ Tension System contribute to the lower receiver’s performance?

A: The Accu-Tite™ Tension System ensures a snug fit between the upper and lower receivers, promoting enhanced accuracy and reliability in every shot.


With the wealth of features and careful design considerations present in the Springfield Armory® SAINT® 5.56, it becomes clear how this M-LOK® AR-15 rifle sets itself apart in the realm of home defense, competition, and recreational shooting.

Let’s recall the high points, shall we? Firstly, versatility is key, and the SAINT® 5.56 offers that in abundance. From the exceptional Bravo Company M-Lok® compatible handguards that accept a range of tactical accessories, to the thoughtful inclusion of standard flip-up iron sights, the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle ensures an adaptive, user-oriented experience.

Furthermore, reliability is critical when it comes to firearms. This rifle offers an assurance of quality and dependability with its shot-peened and magnetic particle inspected Carpenter 158 steel bolt. This proves to always be a standout feature.

Then, there’s the exceptionally smooth operation afforded by the Nickel boron-coated fire controls. The navigation through the key elements of this rifle remains not just a task but becomes a highly enjoyable process. The Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle speaks directly to those who appreciate a seamless, slick interface with their weapon of choice.

No review of the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle would be complete without a shoutout to its highly manageable and convenient nature. With its reasonable weight and compatibility with various magazines, it’s just as suitable for the range as it is for home defense.

Ultimately, it’s clear that the Springfield Saint M-LOK Rifle upholds the Springfield Armory® standard. It’s a tool capable of precision, power, and practicality. If you’re looking for a rifle that hits all this criteria and adds a dose of versatility and customization into the mix, the Springfield Saint M-LOK rifle should be your go-to pick.

Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle
Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle

Buy now Springfield saint M-LOK Rifle, AR-15, 5.56 Rifle, M-Lok Handguard, Home Defense Firearm, Competitive Shooting, Recreational Range.

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