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Selk wearable sleeping bag

Discover unparalleled comfort with the Selk wearable sleeping bag. The Nomad Pro, featuring zip-off booties and an adjustable hood, ensures cozy warmth and freedom of movement. Buy  Selk wearable sleeping bag with BTC.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Balaclava added for extra warmth and protection
  • 1% for the Planet certification for environmental commitment
  • Adjustable insulated hood for a personalized fit
  • Elastic hand enclosures for easy in-and-out access
  • Cargo pocket and kangaroo-style pocket for convenient storage
  • Removable, zip-off booties with durable nylon reinforcement
  • Side entry with dual zip access
  • Leg vents for temperature regulation
  • Temperature rating: Comfort – 44°F / 6°C, Limit – 35°F / 2°C
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Worldwide free Shipping
  • Condition: Brand New

Unleash the Freedom of Camping with The Ultimate Selk wearable sleeping bag

Buy Selk wearable sleeping bag
Buy Selk wearable sleeping bag

Waking up at a campsite isn’t always sunshine and crisp fresh air. Too often the chilly morning dew or the lure of your cozy sleeping bag can play spoiler to the perfect start of your day. But what if we told you that you don’t have to part with the snug embrace of your sleeping bag to enjoy the morning activities? Enter the Selk wearable sleeping bag.

With the Selk’bag, put another log on the fire, make that morning coffee, or soak-up the precious views- all with freedom of mobility and lightweight warmth.

Breaking free from the traditional sleep-then-wake-up camping routine, the Selk’bag Pro Sleeping Bag revolutionizes your outdoor living with comfort, agility and warmth you can wear. Wondering what makes it so unique? Let’s dive right in:

  • Freedom to move: With its unique wearable design, the Selk’bag gives you complete mobility without compromising on comfort and warmth.
  • Lightweight: Despite providing a cocoon of warmth, the Selk’bag is remarkably lightweight, making it easy to wear and move around.
  • Multi-functionality: Whether you want to stir up a mug of coffee or settle down to enjoy the picturesque sunrise, the Selk wearable sleeping bag is up to the task.

But lounging in comfort and enjoying the view is just one part of the story. The true magic of Selk wearable sleeping bag unfolds when it’s time to be active too.

Imagine this: a frosty morning at your favorite camping spot. You’ve been cozy and snug all night in your Selk wearable sleeping bag. You’re warm, you’re comfortable, and then it happens — the call of nature or the twigs crackling in the dwindling campfire. You don’t want to get up and brave the cold, but with the Selk’bag, you don’t have to.

The ingenious design of the Selk wearable sleeping bag allows for freedom of movement while you stay wrapped up in toasty warmth. No need to cocoon yourself under layers of clothes when the Selk’bag transitions into something that can best be described as a wearable comfort zone.

  • Need to put another log on the fire? Stay warm in your Selk’bag.
  • Time to make that morning coffee? Brew away without stepping out of comfort, thanks to the Selk’bag.
  • Want to enjoy the precious views without freezing? Just step outside — your Selk’bag comes with you.

The Selk’bag is more than a sleeping bag; it’s a leap forward in outdoor comfort technology. Its innovative design ensures lightweight warmth and optimum mobility, all rolled into one easily carryable bundle. With the Selk wearable sleeping bag, your camping experience will never be the same again.

So, next time you’re planning an outdoor adventure, don’t forget to pack the Selk’bag. It’s not just about keeping warm, it’s about experiencing the great outdoors in a new, more comfortable way. Remember, with the Selk’bag, you’re not just surviving the wilderness, you’re living it. Make every trip an experience to remember with the Selk wearable sleeping bag.

Experience The Comfort and Sustainability of Selk’bag’s Materials

The Selk wearable sleeping bag isn’t just about redesigning the camping experience, but its also about embracing eco-friendly practices. The Selk’bag’s shell and lining are made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. This not only contributes to a more sustainable future but enhances the overall comfort and durability of the product.

With its 100% post-consumer recycled polyester shell, the Selk’bag provides a robust exterior that can handle the rigors of outdoor use. This incredible material is both durable and lightweight, offering brilliant resilience without sacrificing portability. Whether you’re trekking across rugged landscapes or simply lounging by the campfire, the Selk’bag can withstand it all.

Similarly, the 100% post-consumer recycled polyester lining works on the inside to create a cozy cocoon of warmth. Soft against the skin, the lining provides superior thermal retention without the bulk. This means that you can enjoy unrivaled comfort no matter where your adventure takes you. This sustainable lining not only keeps you snug as a bug but also contributes to minimizing the human footprint on Mother Nature.

So remember, next time you’re packing for your camping trip, choose the Selk wearable sleeping bag. Not only does it redefine comfort and mobility in the great outdoors, but its eco-friendly construction makes it a choice that’s good for you and the planet too.

Experience the Toasty Warmth of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled PrimaLoft Black ThermoPlume Hollow-fiber Insulation

Forget about those chilly nights out under the stars. With the Selk wearable sleeping bag, you’ll be cocooned in cutting-edge, eco-friendly insulation technology that will keep you comfortably warm. It utilizes 100% post-consumer recycled PrimaLoft Black ThermoPlume hollow-fiber insulation, acting as your perfect companion against the cold.

The secret to its warmth? Synthetic insulation is made up of microscopic circular clusters of fibers. These tiny clusters mimic the properties of natural down feathers, capturing your body heat and providing superior warmth. So, whether you’re strolling around the campfire or snuggling up for the night, your Selk will keep you comfortably toasty.

The additional benefit? This unique insulation is made entirely from post-consumer recycled materials, supporting your adventure and aiding in protecting our planet at the same time.

Don’t let the cold thwart your outdoor escapades. Stay cozy and eco-friendly with your Selk wearable sleeping bag. It’s much more than just a sleeping bag – it’s an experience in sustainable comfort and mobility. Don’t just sleep, live in your Selk.

Boost Your Protection with Added Balaclava

Stay extra snug in the Selk wearable sleeping bag, even in extreme conditions. How, you ask? With the added balaclava feature, of course. This innovative face mask is designed to provide enhanced warmth and effective protection against chilling winds. So, no matter how biting the frost, every adventure is a comfortable and cozy one with your Selk.

Join the Green Initiative with 1% for the Planet Certification

The Selk wearable sleeping bag isn’t just warm and handy; it’s also changing the world, one purchase at a time. Made by a company that’s certified by 1% for the Planet, your Selk helps contribute towards environmental causes. This certification is reserved for businesses and individuals who commit to donating 1% of their annual profits or salaries to help protect the planet. Therefore, wearing your Selk isn’t just about experiencing unparalleled comfort; it’s about being part of a global effort to protect Mother Nature.

Enjoy the Flexibility of an Adjustable Hood

Another feature adding to the allure of the Selk’bag is the adjustable hood. It’s not just attached; it’s also insulated to provide you with the best fit, warmth, and comfort. With this amazing feature, you don’t have to worry about chilly nights. The adjustable hood of your Selk wearable sleeping bag tailors comforts to your needs, providing a cozy embrace of warmth in the great outdoors.

Benefit from the Convenience of Elastic Hand Enclosures

Selk wearable sleeping bag
Selk wearable sleeping bag

And talk about flexibility – the Selk’bag goes beyond offering just mobility! This wearable sleeping bag features elastic hand enclosures. These smart no-hassle hand openings allow you to bring your hands in and out of the bag super easily. Whether it’s for roasting marshmallows around the fire or enjoying that early morning brew, the ability to use your hands freely enhances your outdoor experience without compromising on comfort or warmth.

Maximize Your Convenience with the Cargo Pocket and Kangaroo Style Pocket

The Selk’bag wearable sleeping bag thoughtfully includes a cargo pocket as well as a kangaroo-style pocket. Conveniently placed, these pockets become your mini storage unit while you move around the campsite. You can let your hands rest, or keep essentials nearby, thereby upgrading your camping comfort. You can hold a flashlight, snacks, or perhaps a book for a late-night read under the stars!

Secure Your Comfort with Removable Booties

The Selk’bag’s standout feature includes removable booties. Carefully designed with durability in mind, these booties are reinforced with robust nylon. This feature gives you the flexibility to either wear your own shoes when you’re active or zip-on the booties when it’s time to sleep. Don’t worry about the morning frost nipping at your toes anymore, you can fully stay cocooned in your Selk’bag!

Experience Easy Access with Side Entry

Have easy accessibility with a side entry while wearing this ingenious sleeping bag. The dual zip design provides an intuitive way for you to access your pockets or fly. This attribute not only increases functionality but also amplifies the ease of use, making your camping experience more effortless and enjoyable.

Stay comfortable under any conditions with our customizable leg vents, designed specifically to regulate your body temperature. This function proves incredibly useful on those occasions when the cozy warmth of the Selk’bag becomes a bit too much. Just pop open the vents and let your body’s heat escape to maintain a perfect balance and keep you wrapped in optimal comfort.

Adding to its impressive list of features, the Selk’bag has a temperature rating suited to a wide range of climates. With a comfort rating of 44° F / 6° C and a lower limit of 35° F / 2° C, it’s adaptable to almost any overnight camping adventure. Whether your escapade takes you to the cooler highlands or the temperate lowlands, the Selk’bag will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the night.

No need to worry about cleaning your sleeping bag after a long trip, either. The Selk’bag is machine washable, adding to its practicality and ease of maintenance. Before washing your Selk’bag, however, we recommend using a solution that’s gentle on the environment, like our recommended h2 laundry detergent. This ensures that you not only keep your Selk’bag clean and ready for your next adventure but also do so in an eco-friendly way.

When you slip into your new Selk’bag, you’ll be surrounded by the unmatched comfort of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled PrimaLoft® Black ThermoPlume® Hollow-fiber Insulation. This top-of-the-line insulation is distinctively engineered to envelop you in a cocoon of toasty warmth, all while remaining enviably lightweight.

But what sets the Selk’bag apart is more than just its excelent insulation. An incorporated balaclava ensures your protection, acting as a barrier against harsh weather conditions. Paired with the Selk’bag, you’re equipped for everything the great outdoors has to throw at you.

By choosing Selk’bag, you’re also joining the green initiative. The Selk’bag proudly carries the 1% for the Planet Certification, signifying its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental preservation.

Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty element of comfort. The Selk’bag’s adjustable hood offers you flexibility at all times, allowing you to make easy adjustments in response to changing weather conditions. Furthermore, the convenience of elastic hand enclosures offers enhanced insulation, ensuring your hands stay as cozy as the rest of you.

Specific Details of the Selk’bag

Specs Insulation Temperature Rating Warranty Sizes Length Zipper Location Max User Height Weight (g)
Selk’bag Synthetic 44 1 Year M, L, XL Regular Right Side 4’11” to 6’4″ 3.39 to 4.59

Finding the Right Fit

Get Selk wearable sleeping bag
Get Selk wearable sleeping bag

Available in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large, the Selk’bag guarantees to accommodate a large majority of campers. In addition, the Selk’bag comes with removable booties so you can adjust your comfort level depending on the terrain and weather. The cargo pocket and kangaroo-style pocket maximize your convenience, allowing storage for the essentials you need to keep close,

The tailored fit is designed to meet your mobility requirements, featuring side entry that allows you to slide in and kick backwith ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Invigorate your next camping trip with the Selk’bag and indulge in the sheer comfort and convenience this unique wearable sleeping bag brings to the table.

Buy Selk wearable sleeping bag from FromBownellsguns.com

Camping has never been so comfortable and convenient with the Selk wearable sleeping bag. Balancing lightweight mobility and warmth, these innovative sleeping bags encapsulate the essence of a cozy sleeping experience.

Imagine waking up to the beauty of the sunrise, cocooned in a toasty bag, sipping your morning coffee without risking a chill. Picture yourself, stoking the crackling fire, or simply lounging around, enjoying the serenity of the wilderness. The Selk’bag offers unrestricted mobility without compromising the warmth a traditional sleeping bag offers.

Here’s what makes the Selk wearable sleeping bag a must-have gear for your next camping trip:

  1. Comfort: The design puts a premium on comfort, ensuring no morning chill can penetrate the insulation.
  2. Warmth: Tailored with cutting-edge fabric, it promises to keep you warm even amidst the coldest temperatures.
  3. Lightweight: Despite its impressive capabilities and features, the Selk’bag is surprisingly lightweight, posing no constraint to mobility.
  4. Convenience: The ingenious design enables simple tasks, eliminating the need to exit the bag for trifling tasks like handling a bonfire or sipping coffee.
  5. Sustainability: The Selk’bag understands the importance of environmental responsibility, reflecting in their use of sustainable materials.

Convinced already?

Make the Selk wearable sleeping bag a part of your outdoor adventures. Enjoy the freedom to move around, perform tasks, and enjoy the great outdoors, all while feeling warm and homely. The Selk’bag transforms your camping experience, taking comfort to the next level.

Experience the perks of the Selk wearable sleeping bag for yourself. It’s available for purchase here at Bownellsguns.com. So simple, so convenient – welcome to camping upgraded.

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Selk wearable sleeping bag FAQ
Selk wearable sleeping bag FAQ

Q1: What materials are the Selk bag made of?

A: The Selk’bag is made from comfortable and sustainable materials to ensure optimal user comfort and an environmentally friendly product.

Q2: How does the Selk’bag provide warmth?

A: The Selk’bag provides toasty warmth through its 100% post-consumer recycled PrimaLoft® Black ThermoPlume® hollow-fiber insulation. This insulation type is known for its high thermal efficiency, making it ideal for cold camp mornings.

Q3: How can I protect my face while wearing the Selk wearable sleeping bag?

A: With the added balaclava, you can boost your protection from the elements. Whether it’s a chilly breeze or an unwanted mosquito swarm, the balaclava has got you covered.

Q4: How does purchasing a Selk’bag support the environment?

A: Every Selk’bag purchase supports the environment as the company is certified by 1% for the Planet, signifying that they contribute a portion of their profits to environmental causes.

Q5: Can I adjust the hood on my Selk wearable sleeping bag?

A: Yes, the Selk’bag comes with an adjustable hood for maximum comfort and convenience.

Q6: Will my hands stay warm in the Selk wearable sleeping bag?

A: Absolutely. The Selk’bag features elastic hand enclosures to keep your hands snug and warm.

Q7: Does the Selk’bag have pockets?

A: Yes, the Selk’bag features a cargo pocket and a kangaroo style pocket for convenient storage while wearing it.

Q8: Are the booties on the Selk’bag removable?

A: Yes, the booties on the Selk’bag are removable for your convenience and comfort.

Q9: How do I enter the Selk wearable sleeping bag?

A: The Selk’bag is designed with easy side entry to promote convenience and ease of use. You’ll have no problem getting in and out of this wearable sleeping bag.

Q10: Where can I buy a Selk wearable sleeping bag?

A: You can purchase your Selk wearable sleeping bag from Bownellsguns.com.


Indeed, with the Selk wearable sleeping bag, your camping experience will never be the same again. This innovative and eco-friendly product takes your comfort and freedom of movement to a new level. No longer will you be restricted by conventional sleeping bags; instead, you’ll embrace the day, ready for adventure, all while wrapped in the cozy, toasty warmth of the Selk’bag.

The ingenious features of the Selk ‘bag, from the adjustable hood, 100% post-consumer recycled PrimaLoft® Black ThermoPLume® Hollow-fiber insulation, cargo and Kangaroo style pockets, to the removable booties and the added balaclava, all contribute to the remarkable user-experience. These aspects combined, position Selk as a progressive leader in this field.

Remember, Selk’bag isn’t just a wearable sleeping bag; it’s a revolution, a statement, a notion of sustainable and responsible outdoor adventures. And, by choosing Selk’bag, you’re becoming a part of that.

The Selk wearable sleeping bag values your comfort, practicality, sustainability, and of course, your adventure spirit. Now, the ritualistic morning groan of leaving your warm sleeping cocoon behind becomes a thing of the past. With Selk’bag, you won’t just save warmth; you will save precious moments, all while endorsing a greener planet.

So, next time you plan your camping trip or a sleepover under the stars, don’t forget to pack your Selk’bag. Enjoy the freedom it offers, savor the warmth it provides, and appreciate the convenience it grants. Let’s revolutionize outdoor sleeping with the Selk wearable sleeping bag.

Selk wearable sleeping bag
Selk wearable sleeping bag

Discover unparalleled comfort with the Selk wearable sleeping bag. The Nomad Pro, featuring zip-off booties and an adjustable hood.

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