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Air Force Talon p Pistol

Experience precision and power with the Air Force Talon P Pistol. Get exceptional accuracy and reliability with this PCP pellet pistol. Buy air force talon p pistol with BTC.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Heavier and more reliable than typical air pistols.
  • Ideal for small game hunting and plinking.
  • Single-shot action for controlled shooting.
  • The two-stage non-adjustable trigger for consistent performance.
  • Spin-Loc air tank for quick refills.
  • New condition for quality assurance.


  • Caliber: .25
  • Ammo Type: Pellets
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style: Rifled
  • Gun Weight: 3.44 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 23.25 inches
  • Barrel Length: 12.00 inches
  • Mechanism: Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail: 11mm dovetail
  • Shots per Fill: 30
  • Use: Small game hunting/plinking

Air Force Talon P Pistol: Precision and Power at Your Fingertips

Buy Air Force Talon p Pistol
Buy Air Force Talon p Pistol

The Air Force Talon P Pistol is a remarkable piece of airgun engineering, and its importance in the world of air pistols cannot be overstated. This unique PCP (Pre-charged pneumatic) pistol offers a set of features and capabilities that set it apart from conventional air pistols. Let’s delve into why the Air Force Talon P is highly regarded and how it can be a game-changer for both seasoned shooters and newcomers alike.

A Masterpiece of Airgun Engineering

The Air Force Talon P Pistol stands as a shining example of what airgun engineering can achieve. It’s a testament to precision and power meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter well-versed in the art of firearms or a newcomer curious to explore the fascinating world of airguns, the Air Force Talon P offers an unrivaled experience that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Unveiling the Intricacies

In the following pages of this blog, we embark on an in-depth journey into the intricate details that define the Air Force Talon P Pistol. With each paragraph, we’ll reveal the remarkable precision, unyielding power, and unique features that make this air pistol a standout choice in the realm of airguns. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we explore its design, performance, and capabilities.

Join Us on a Revelation

Join us on this enlightening journey as we unlock the full potential of the Air Force Talon P Pistol. Discover why this remarkable airgun has captured the hearts and admiration of shooting enthusiasts and hunters around the world. As we delve deeper into its features and capabilities, you’ll understand why it’s not just a tool but a trusted companion for those who demand the best in their shooting experiences. Together, we’ll uncover what makes the Air Force Talon P Pistol an indispensable choice in your arsenal.

Heavier and More Reliable

The Air Force Talon P stands out due to its weight and reliability. Unlike many lightweight air pistols, the Talon P’s heft adds stability and precision to your shooting experience. This extra weight reduces the natural tremors that can affect accuracy, making it an excellent choice for shooters who demand reliability in every shot. Whether you’re aiming at a target or a small game, this pistol’s weight ensures your shots are on point.

Unique Grip and Hold Style

The Talon P takes a different approach when it comes to holding and aiming. It’s designed for a comfortable hold, with one hand gripping the pistol grip and the other hand holding the top of the scope. This unconventional yet comfortable grip style allows for better control and steadiness, ensuring that your shots are precise. When you assume a sitting position, you can further stabilize your aim by resting the gun’s forearm on your offhand’s forearm. This method brings the pistol closer to your eye, enhancing your shooting accuracy.

Mounting a Rifle Scope

One of the remarkable features of the Air Force Talon P Pistol  is its ability to mount a rifle scope. This feature is a game-changer for shooters who want to take their accuracy to the next level. With a scope attached, you can zoom in on your target and maintain a clear sight picture, even at longer distances. This precision can be particularly useful for target shooting, hunting, or any situation where accuracy is paramount.

What truly sets the Air Force Talon P Pistol apart from the crowd is its robust build, a testament to precision engineering and unmatched reliability. This air pistol is not just another lightweight, plastic-framed firearm. Instead, it exudes a sense of durability and strength, making it a reliable companion for any shooting enthusiast.

Solidity Breeds Stability and Accuracy

The weight and heft of the Talon P are a critical part of its appeal. While most standard air pistols are known for their lightweight frames, the Talon P’s substantial build brings a unique advantage. The added weight, primarily due to its solid construction, contributes significantly to the pistol’s stability, and in turn, accuracy.

When you hold the Air Force Talon P in your hands, you’ll immediately feel the difference. The weight is not a burden; rather, it’s a source of reassurance. It reduces the natural tremors and shakes that can affect your aim, especially during extended shooting sessions. This stability ensures that your shots are consistently on target, whether you’re honing your marksmanship skills or engaged in small game hunting.

Durability and Reliability in Every Shot

The Air Force Talon P is built to last. Its sturdy construction is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. This durability means you can depend on the Talon P for countless rounds of shooting without worrying about wear and tear. Its robust build can withstand the rigors of the shooting range or the challenges of outdoor adventures.

Moreover, the reliability of the Talon P extends to its performance. The pistol’s PCP technology ensures that each shot delivers consistent power and accuracy. This reliability is not just a one-time promise but a constant feature that you can count on every time you pull the trigger.

Unleashing the Power and Precision of the Air Force Talon P Pistol

Get Air Force Talon p Pistol
Get Air Force Talon p Pistol

When it comes to the Air Force Talon P Pistol, its capabilities are not limited to the air pistol category alone. In fact, it bridges the gap between traditional air pistols and firearms, offering a unique combination of power and precision. Let’s explore the incredible features that make it a standout choice for both hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

Scope Mounting: A World of Choices

The versatility of the Air Force Talon P Pistol is one of its most appealing aspects. While it’s certainly possible to mount a pistol scope, the world of choices truly opens up when you consider rifle scopes. The compatibility with rifle scopes offers an expansive array of options, enabling you to fine-tune your shooting experience according to your specific needs. Whether you’re a long-range shooter, a precision marksman, or a hunter with distinct preferences, the Talon P can accommodate your requirements.

Power That Sets the Standard

When we talk about the Air Force Talon P Pistol’s power, we are entering a league of its own. This air pistol is not just powerful; it’s one of the most powerful air pistols available today. In .25 caliber, the Talon P delivers over 50 ft-lbs of energy. This remarkable level of power makes it the ultimate compact hunting weapon.

Imagine taking on small and medium-sized quarry at distances that you would never normally consider with any other air pistol. The Talon P redefines your hunting possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with an airgun of this size. It’s a testament to the engineering excellence that has gone into crafting this remarkable piece of weaponry.

The Deadly Accuracy of Lothar Walther Barrels

But power alone is not enough, and the AirForce Talon P Pistol understands this perfectly. It marries power with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to the inclusion of Lothar Walther barrels. These barrels are renowned for their precision and consistency, making them the perfect match for the Talon P’s impressive power.

When you combine the Talon P’s exceptional power with the deadly accuracy of Lothar Walther barrels, you have a winning combination that can take your shooting skills to new heights. Whether you’re hitting bullseyes on the range or making humane, ethical shots while hunting, the Talon P ensures that each round counts.

The Air Force Talon P Pistol is a true marvel of airgun engineering, and its capabilities are a testament to the pursuit of excellence. Let’s delve deeper into the remarkable features that make this air pistol a standout choice, featuring the focus keyword throughout.

The Exceptional Lothar Walther Barrel

One of the most striking features of the Air Force Talon P Pistol is its 12″ Lothar Walther barrel. This is no ordinary barrel; it’s the same high-quality barrel used in their renowned hunting rifles. This inclusion ensures that the Talon P delivers small groups and unparalleled accuracy in every shot, living up to its reputation as a precision powerhouse.

Unrivaled Tuning for .25 Caliber

This air pistol stands alone in its class. It’s specifically tuned for .25 caliber, and you won’t find another pistol quite like it in terms of power and precision. The valve has been meticulously calibrated to extract every ounce of potential from .25 caliber pellets, delivering an unmatched shooting experience.

Versatility with the Power Wheel

The Air Force Talon P is more than just a one-trick pony; it’s a versatile tool designed to meet your needs, whether you’re on the range or in the field. The power wheel is a key feature that allows you to adjust your velocity to match the distance you’re shooting and the type of critter you’re hunting. This level of control ensures that your shots are tailored to your specific requirements, whether you’re hunting varmints or practicing on targets.

Impressive Velocity with .25 Caliber

The sheer power of the Talon P is awe-inspiring. When paired with 43.2-grain pellets, it achieves a maximum velocity of 760 fps. This level of speed ensures that your shots reach your target with authority, making it suitable for a range of shooting applications. With a 25-grain pellet, you can expect an even higher maximum velocity of 850 fps, demonstrating the versatility and precision that the Talon P brings to the table.

The Air Force Talon P Pistol is now equipped with the cutting-edge Spin-Loc air tank, revolutionizing the way you refill your tank. With this new feature, the hassle of removing the tank from your firearm is a thing of the past. It’s a game-changer for convenience and efficiency. It’s important to mention that the Spin-Loc tank is exclusively designed for use with compressed air or dry nitrogen gas. This innovative addition further enhances the functionality of the Air Force Talon P Pistol.

Quick overview of Air Force Talon P Pistol

Introducing the Air Force Talon P Pistol: Power, Precision, and Versatility

The Air Force Talon P Pistol is a true powerhouse in the world of airguns. This precharged pneumatic (PCP) marvel is designed for those who demand nothing but the best in terms of power and precision. Let’s explore the key features that make the Talon P a standout choice for shooting enthusiasts and hunters.

  • Single-Shot Bolt-Action: The Talon P’s single-shot bolt-action mechanism ensures controlled and precise shooting, making it an ideal choice for both target practice and hunting.
  • Dovetail Rail: Featuring an 11mm dovetail rail running from the back to the barrel tip, the Talon P offers the flexibility to fit a compact or air rifle scope, enabling you to customize your shooting experience.
  • 12″ Barrel: Equipped with a Lothar Walther barrel, renowned for its precision, the Talon P consistently delivers small groups, ensuring accuracy in every shot.
  • 2-Stage Trigger: The adjustable 2-stage trigger allows you to fine-tune the trigger position to your preference, further enhancing your shooting experience.
  • Textured Grip: The comfortable and textured grip provides a secure hold, ensuring you have full control over your shots.
  • 213cc Tank: The sizable 213cc air tank provides the power and consistency needed for a high-impact shooting experience.
  • Adjustable Power Wheel: The power wheel offers the flexibility to adjust the velocity to match the shooting distance and the type of game you’re targeting.
  • Impressive Shot Count: With up to 30 shots on low power and up to 12 shots on high power, the Talon P ensures you have the endurance needed for your shooting sessions.
  • Quiet Power: While the Talon P is not silenced and lacks a suppressor, it remains remarkably quiet for a firearm of its power, allowing you to maintain discretion in the field.

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Air Force Talon p Pistol FAQ
Air Force Talon p Pistol FAQ

Q1.What is the power source for the Air Force Talon P Pistol?

A: The Air Force Talon P Pistol is powered by a precharged pneumatic (PCP) system. This means it uses compressed air or dry nitrogen gas as its power source. PCP airguns offer consistent power and accuracy, making them a preferred choice among shooting enthusiasts.

Q2.Can I mount a scope on the Talon P Pistol?

A: Yes, the Talon P is designed with a built-in 11mm dovetail rail that runs from the back of the pistol to the tip of the barrel. This rail provides a secure mounting platform for scopes. You can choose to mount a compact or air rifle scope, depending on your shooting preferences. The addition of a scope enhances accuracy, making it an excellent choice for both target shooting and hunting.

Q3.What is the maximum fill pressure for the air tank on the Talon P?

A: The air tank on the Talon P can be filled up to a maximum pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This high-pressure capacity ensures that the airgun can deliver consistent power and accuracy shot after shot.

Q4.How many shots can I expect on a single fill of the air tank?

A: The Talon P offers impressive shot counts, which vary based on the power setting. On low power, you can expect up to 30 shots on a single tank fill. If you opt for high power, you can still get up to 12 shots before needing to refill the tank. This flexibility allows you to adapt the pistol’s performance to different shooting scenarios.

Q5.Is the Air Force Talon P Pistol silenced or equipped with a suppressor?

A: No, the Talon P does not come equipped with a suppressor, and it is not silenced in the traditional sense. However, what sets it apart is that it operates remarkably quietly, especially considering its power level. This makes it an excellent choice for those who require a level of discretion while shooting without the need for additional noise-reduction devices.

Q6.What is the barrel length of the Air Force Talon P Pistol?

A: The Talon P features a 12-inch Lothar Walther barrel. This renowned barrel manufacturer is known for its precision and consistency, ensuring that every shot from the Talon P is both accurate and reliable.

Q7.Is the Talon P’s trigger adjustable?

A: Yes, the Talon P boasts a 2-stage trigger that is adjustable for position. While it allows customization of trigger position, it does not offer adjustments for trigger weight. This feature enables you to fine-tune the trigger’s feel to match your personal shooting preferences.

Q8.Is the Air Force Talon P Pistol suitable for hunting small game?

A: Absolutely, the Talon P is an excellent choice for hunting small and medium-sized game. Its combination of power and accuracy allows you to take on targets at distances that might not be feasible with other air pistols. Whether you’re after pests or small game, the Talon P is a reliable and effective tool for ethical and humane hunting.


In conclusion, the Air Force Talon P Pistol is a true embodiment of power, precision, and versatility. With its precharged pneumatic system, it’s powered by compressed air or dry nitrogen gas, offering consistent performance and reliability. The inclusion of an 11mm dovetail rail allows you to mount a scope, enhancing accuracy for both target shooting and hunting.

The air tank’s maximum fill pressure of 3000 PSI ensures that you have an ample air supply for a significant number of shots, with up to 30 shots on low power and up to 12 shots on high power. What’s remarkable is that despite its power, the Talon P operates quietly, making it a discreet choice for shooters.

The 12-inch Lothar Walther barrel, renowned for its precision, guarantees consistent and reliable accuracy with every shot. The 2-stage trigger, though adjustable for position only, allows you to customize the trigger’s feel to your liking.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a hunter seeking an effective and ethical tool for small game, the Air Force Talon P Pistol stands as an exceptional choice. It combines power, precision, and versatility in one compact package, setting new standards in the world of air pistols. It’s more than a firearm; it’s a symbol of excellence, and it delivers the power and accuracy that define the Air Force Talon P Pistol.

Air Force Talon P Pistol
Air Force Talon p Pistol

Experience precision and power with the Air Force Talon P Pistol. Get exceptional accuracy and reliability with this PCP pellet pistol.

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