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GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol

Discover precision and reliability with the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol. This .22 LR caliber powerhouse features a sleek black finish, 10-round capacity, and cutting-edge Tin controls. Buy GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol with BTC.

Key Features:

  • New Unfired Barrel
  • Leupold Delta Point Micro Included
  • 4x Magazines Provided
  • OEM Glock Case for Secure Storage
  • Tin Controls for Enhanced Performance


  • UPC: ECOM00276374
  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Finish: BLACK
  • Capacity: 10 ROUNDS
  • Barrel Length: 4 INCH

Unveiling the New GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol: Unfired Barrel with Leupold Delta Point Micro

Buy GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol
Buy GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol

If you’ve been keeping a tab on the firearms market, it’s highly likely that you’ve stumbled upon the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol. A .22 caliber gem you don’t want to miss. With a bundle of premium features and exceptional functionality, it stands tall in its category. Let’s delve into the specifics this firearm has to offer.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilled execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William Foster

Implementing this ethos, GLOCK has made an exceptional firearm that proves conducive to both beginners and experienced shooters alike. The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol:

  • Comes with a new unfired barrel which ensures the firearm’s longevity, providing a dependable shooting experience right out of the box.
  • Offers the Leupold Delta Point Micro, a game-changing micro red dot sight designed for users who prefer a compact, concealed carry gun.
  • Includes four magazines, more than enough for an exhilarating day at the range or for your peace-of-mind home defense needs.
  • Has the signature OEM GLOCK case, combining portability and protection for the G44.
  • Features Tin Controls for effortless operation and a sleek look.

This stunning model, distinguished by the identifying code UPCECOM00276374, excels in versatility and reliability. Let’s examine in depth why the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol has deservedly caught the eye of firearm aficionados.

The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol offers an unbeatable combination of compact design and lightweight, providing exceptional comfort and maneuverability. It operates a .22 LR caliber, one of the most common rounds, known for its efficiency and affordability. With a sleek black finish, it fits the bill as a stylish, yet practical, firearm.

Standout features of the G44 Compact Pistol include a semi-automatic action and a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. These characteristics allow for swift and easy shooting, making it perfect whether you’re at the range for practice or involved in more intense applications.

One key element that enhances the shooting experience with this model is its new unfired barrel. The barrel length of 4 inches contributes to the accuracy of the firearm. And let’s not forget the impeccable Leupold Delta Point Micro. This innovative optic system contributes to the peripheral visibility and offers an unimpeded sight picture. When you aim your G44, you’re guaranteed crystal clear aim and swift target acquisition.

  • UPCECOM00276374: The unique identification code.
  • .22 LR Caliber: The standard round size for its class.
  • Black Finish: Adds elegance to its practicality.
  • 10-Round Capacity: Perfect for quick and easy shooting.
  • Semi-Automatic Action: Ideal for various shooting needs.
  • 4-Inch Barrel Length: Enhances the pistol’s accuracy.
  • Leupold Delta Point Micro: For excellent visibility and quick target acquisition.

You’ll also find 4x magazines included, ensuring an uninterrupted shooting experience as well as additional convenience. Housed within an OEM Glock case, the firearm maintains its peak condition, extending its lifespan through superior protection. Lastly, the Tin Controls add an extra layer of precision and control to this excellent firearm model.

In conclusion, the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol is more than just a firearm—it’s a testament to Glock’s continuous commitment to innovation and utility. Assuring top-notch performance with its exceptional features, it’s a model that belongs in the hands of every responsible gun owner.

GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol: A Game-Changer in the .22 LR Market

Today, we’re excited to dive deeper into the specifications and features of the fantastic GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol. From it’s new unfired barrel to the inclusion of a Leupold Delta Point Micro, this pistol truly stands out in the robust .22 LR market.

Let’s start with the unfired barrel. The new, four-inch barrel length is a crucial component of the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol. This refreshing feature gives you the accuracy and reliability of longer barrels while fitting comfortably within the compact framework. The barrel contributes to the pleasant, ergonomic shooting experience, typical of GLOCK arms. With this gun, you’ll definitely enjoy pinpoint accuracy right out of the box. Note: The barrel fit and finish demonstrate GLOCK’s commitment to quality and performance.

Leupold Delta Point Micro: A Game Changing Addition

One of the G44’s notable features is the Leupold Delta Point Micro. This addition gives you a distinct tactical advantage with quick target acquisition while providing excellent visibility. It’s a robust and reliable compact red dot sight designed for situations where speed and accuracy matter.

GLOCK G44 Magazines and Case

This GLOCK’s package includes not one, but four magazines, letting you spend more time shooting and less time reloading. Each magazine has a capacity of up to 10 rounds, providing ample fun time on the shooting range or for any self-defense scenarios. To enhance your experience, GLOCK provides an OEM case that not only protects your G44 but also adds to the overall package and appeal.

Remember, your safety is paramount. Always handle firearms responsibly and ensure they are securely stored when not in use.

Looking at the GLOCK G44 Controls

Finally, let’s talk about the GLOCK G44’s Tin Controls. Tin, or Titanium Nitride, is a hard ceramic material that’s applied to the controls. This offers outstanding corrosion resistance and improved hardness – qualities that enhance the longevity and smooth operation of your G44.

Specifications of GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol
UPC Ecom00276374
Caliber .22 LR
Finish Black
Capacity 10 rounds
Action Semi-automatic

So, there you have it. The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol. With a new unfired barrel, Leupold Delta Point Micro, four magazines, OEM Glock Case, and Tin Controls, it’s the perfect companion whether you’re at the firing range or defending your home. Experience the difference for yourselves, with the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol taking the lead in the .22 LR market.

Unfired Barrel: The Key Feature That Sets the GLOCK G44 Apart

GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol
GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol

Let’s delve deeper into the unmatched quality and precision that the GLOCK G44 brings to the table, especially due to its new, unfired barrel. With so much emphasis laid on the caliber, magazines, and other accessories, we often forget the significance of a fresh, untried barrel when speaking about compact pistols.

What does it really mean to have a new, unfired barrel? It’s simple. The unfired barrel of the G44 compact pistol is not just new but is, in fact, never used before – a defining characteristic that reinforces the value and reliability of the firearm from its first use.

Adorned in a striking black finish, the coveted G44 barrel is a product of precision and superior craftsmanship. Each barrel’s length clocks in at 4 inches, meticulously catering towards stable and concentrated bullet projection. It’s built with a view to meeting the most stringent and demanding requirements of gun owners. However, the fact that its performance remains untested until you’re ready to fire – that’s the surprise package the G44 compact pistol brings to your hands.

Now, how does an unfired barrel of GLOCK G44 really add value for you?

  1. Novelty: Imagine unveiling a brand-new object, untouched, unheard, unadulterated. That’s an unbeatable level of novelty the unfired barrel brings, solely reserved just for you.
  2. Quality Assurance: The fact that the barrel is unfired means that it is right out of the manufacturing line, ensuring adherence to GLOCK’s stringent quality control standards.
  3. Durability: A fresh unfired barrel signifies maximum lifespan and optimal performance since its condition has not been worn out by prior usage.

By going the unfired barrel route, the GLOCK G44 compact pistol ensures that you, the end-user, lay the claim to its first ever shot. It’s your journey, your pistol, your first shot, making every trigger pull an exclusive, enriching experience – a testament to unparalleled ownership.

So next time you consider purchasing a compact pistol, remember, an unfired barrel isn’t just another feature – it is a distinguishing emblem of quality, reliability, and personalization that the GLOCK G44 compact pistol proudly holds.

Experience Unparalleled Performance with the G44’s 4x Magazines

The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol comes with 4x magazines, a feature that significantly contributes to its high performance. It’s not every day that a gun comes with four magazines – this is one of the many reasons why the G44 is unique and in a league of its own.

Each magazine has a capacity of 10 rounds, providing ample firepower for most shooting or training situations. Just imagine the possibilities that this setup provides. You no longer have to worry about running out of ammunition quickly. It’s like having four times your normal capacity, at your fingertips.

    • Experience a smoother shooting experience: With these 4 magazines at your disposal, reloading in the heat of the moment becomes less frequent and simpler. The work of switching magazines becomes minimal, giving you more time to concentrate on your target.

This benefit is perfect for beginners steadily learning the ropes or seasoned professionals going through extended training sessions. Less time reloading means more time focusing on shooting skills and accuracy.

  • Increased capacity: Because each GLOCK G44 magazine can carry 10 rounds, you get a total of 40 rounds at your disposal. This not only means more shooting time but also reduces the amount of spare ammunition you have to carry around.

The design of these magazines is no less exceptional. They are made with the user convenience in mind, and you will appreciate their smooth feeding and how easy they are to load.

Contrary to a common belief that more magazines result in more weight, these 4x GLOCK G44 magazines are designed skillfully to ensure they do not increase the weight of your pistol. As a result, handling the G44 remains splendidly comfortable and easy.

The provided OEM GLOCK Case is also a significant part of the package. It’s not just a simple case, but a sleek design that assures both the safety of your gun and its accessories and delivers ultimate organization for all your shooting gear.

With its black finish, this case complements your GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol beautifully. It’s compact, easy to handle, and durable, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol, with its 4x magazines and the convenience of an OEM GLOCK Case, is indeed a package designed with precision, efficiency, and user satisfaction in mind.

Sleek and Mysterious: The GLOCK G44’s Black Finish

Get GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol
Get GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol

Just as beauty isn’t only skin deep, the allure of the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol doesn’t merely rest on its attractive exterior. Albeit, the captivating black finish of this pistol is undoubtedly a standout feature that emphasizes its sleek and mysterious appeal. But beneath this sharp aesthetic lies a marvel of precision engineering and superior functionality.

The finish of the G44 is more than an aesthetic choice. This all-black, finished design is a testament to the GLOCK’s commitment to durability and quality. It enhances the pistol’s resistance to environmental adversities like corrosion, wear, and tear, thereby maintaining its longevity while keeping it looking remarkably polished over time.

Here’s an interesting fact: the GLOCK G44’s black finish isn’t just to make it look good. This exceptional finish also adds a layer of extra protection. It acts as a barrier that reduces friction between parts, making the operation of the pistol much smoother and reducing the amount of maintenance necessary.

So, when you hold a GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol in your hand, you aren’t just wielding an attractively designed firearm. You’re also benefiting from the superior performance, reduced maintenance, and improved longevity that this quality finish provides.

“The GLOCK G44’s black finish is not only about looks—it’s a critical feature ensuring the longevity of the weapon, providing resistance against environmental damage and reducing friction for a smoother operation.”

Having a weapon that’s reliable, durable and still manages to turn heads with its sleek design? That’s the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol for you—a superior choice for every gun enthusiast, casual or professional.

Buy GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol from Brownellsguns.com

If you’re ready to elevate your shooting game with the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol, we’re here to guide you. Brownellsguns.com is your one-stop online destination for all firearms, including the innovative GLOCK G44. Here’s why choosing the G44 from their extensive range of products can be a game-changing decision.

There’s nothing comparable to the superior performance of the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol, combined with the unraveled customer service of Brownellsguns.com.

At Brownellsguns.com, the G44 comes with unique features including its Unfired Barrel, 4x Magazines, OEM Glock Case, Tin Controls, and the Leupold Delta Point Micro. The specifics of the G44 model as presented at the reliable platform are:

UPCECOM00276374 Specifications
Caliber .22 LR
Finish BLACK
Capacity 10 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4” BARREL

Placing your order is simple, and they offer prompt and secure delivery. Furthermore, the website showcases a wide selection of gun accessories and related products, making it a handy asset for passionate shooters or those looking to step into the world of firearms. So, why wait? Put the power and reliability of the GLOCK G44 Compact pistol in your hands by placing your order with Brownellsguns.com today.

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GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol faq
GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol faq

We often encounter a variety of questions about the G44 Compact Pistol from GLOCK. Here are some the most frequently asked questions and their answers to help you get the full picture:

Q1. What makes the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol unique?

A: One of the key unique features of the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol is its unfired barrel. This component is a definitive game-changer in the .22 LR pistol market.

Q2. Question: How does the Leupold Delta Point Micro complement the GLOCK G44?

A: The Leupold Delta Point Micro enhances the functionality of the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol by offering an exceptional point for easy target acquisition, greatly complementing the pistol’s overall performance.

Q3. Question: How many rounds can the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol hold?

A: The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol has a capacity of 10 rounds, ideal for a variety of shooting applications.

Q4. Question: What is the role of the 4x magazines in the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol?

A: The inclusion of 4x magazines with the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol allows for a seamless shooting experience and also provides ample backup ammunition for extended shooting sessions.

Q5. Question: Can you describe the finish and appearance of the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol?

A: The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol comes with a sleek black finish, giving it a mysterious and sleek look that’s appealing to many gun enthusiasts.

Q6. Question: What comes with the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol purchase?

A: In addition to the pistol itself, the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol comes with 4x magazines, a Leupold Delta Point Micro, Tin Controls, and a durable OEM Glock Case for convenient storage and transport.

Q7. Question: Where can I purchase the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol?

A: The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol is available for purchase at Brownellsguns.com, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and fast delivery for every order.


In conclusion, the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol proves to be an exceptional offering in the world of .22 LR firearms. Its unique blend of advanced features, like the Leupold Delta Point Micro and the 4x magazines, offer a shooting experience that’s second to none.

What truly sets the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol apart, however, is the new unfired barrel. This state-of-the-art feature reinforces GLOCK’s commitment to superior quality and shooting performance.

GLOCK G44’s prestigious matte black finish complements its compact design, making it a stylish yet practical addition to any gun enthusiast’s arsenal. This pistol’s 10-round capacity and semi-automatic action provide the perfect balance between control and power.

The GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol’s UPCECOM00276374 comes with a 4″ barrel length and a not specified weight, reflecting its design mark that embodies both practicality and sophistication. 

As always, safety is a major focus, and the G44 comes with a robust OEM Glock Case for secure storage and easy transportation. Its titanium nitride (Tin) controls enhance the pistol’s durability and offer an unrivaled shooting experience.

At the end of the day, the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol reinvents what a .22 LR can be, and offers a taste of the best in modern firearm technology. For those looking to take their shooting passion to new heights, checking out the GLOCK G44 is a must.

GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol
GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol

Discover precision and reliability with the GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol. This .22 LR caliber powerhouse features a sleek black finish.

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Product Brand: GLOCK G44 Compact Pistol

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Product Price: 575

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