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Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

Elevate your concealed carry game with the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite. Discover its ultra-concealable design, comfortable shoot-ability, and impressive 13+1 round extended capacity.

Key Benefits and Features (Bullet Points):

  • Ultra-concealable design
  • Designed for comfortable shoot ability
  • Impressive 13+1 round extended capacity
  • Reliable 9mm caliber
  • High-quality stainless steel slide and barrel
  • Smooth trigger pull (4.5-5 lbs)
  • Compact 3.41″ barrel length
  • Lightweight at 17.8 oz
  • Slim profile with a width of 1.05″
  • Conceals easily in G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters
  • Stylish black slide and frame
  • Enhanced durability with black nitride barrel finish
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Condition: Brand New

Unveiling the Excellence of Shadow Systems CR920 Elite: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Outstanding Features

Buy Shadow Systems CR920 Elite
Buy Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

If you’re in search of an ultra-concealable subcompact that can deliver the power and feel of a full-size pistol, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is undoubtedly a top choice. A reliable firearm, it’s designed to pack immense power and comfortable shootability in a discreet, easily concealable form factor. Let’s dive deeper into what makes this compact pistol a standout choice.

If you want a subcompact that shoots like a full-size pistol, the CR920 Elite from Shadow Systems is perfect. The model’s concealability is a real game changer.

With the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite, you get nothing but the best, from its extended capacity to its innovative design features. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Easy concealability inside G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters
  • 13+1 round extended capacity or 10+1 flush-fit capacity
  • Directional serrations in the front, rear for all models
  • Added directional topside serrations and a weight-optimizing window cut for the Elite model
  • Steel sights with a blacked out serrated rear and a bright green tritium front for an easy sight picture

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is engineered for perfect balance and precision targeting while providing you with the confidence and peace of mind you seek when considering your personal defense needs. Now, let’s unfold the exquisite features that make the CR920 Elite a renowned choice amongst shooters.

The CR920 is undeniably an enviable blending of streamlined dimensions and heavy-duty features. This ultra-concealable subcompact has been designed with your shootability comfort in mind. Despite its subcompact size, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite has been crafted to perform like a full-sized pistol, giving you full control without compromising on portability. This sublime contrivance conceals easily in G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters, which just adds to its overall convenience.

One particularly standout feature is the capacity of the CR920— it doesn’t trade power for compactness. It possesses an impressive 13+1 round extended capacity or 10+1 flush-fit capacity, providing assurance and reliability during those crucial moments.

Let’s not forget the slide; a vital feature that truly sets the CR920 Elite apart from the crowd. It features front and rear directional serrations across all models. And if you opt for the Elite model, you gain added advantages like topside serration and a weight-optimizing window cut. These prerequisites contribute to bringing you the most balanced, precise, and comfortable shooting experience

Last but not least, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite boasts steel sights, painted with mat-black rear serrations, and a striking green tritium front. This strategic color combination helps you easily spot your target and maintain a clear sight picture, effectively enhancing your accuracy.

To sum it up, owning a Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is more than just making a purchase. It’s an investment in personal safety, a testament to your commitment to self-protection, and a step towards empowering yourself in unpredictable situations.

Unveiling the CR920 Elite: A Subcompact Pistol Designed for shootability

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is the embodiment of sleek design and exceptional performance, providing an unmatched shooting experience. Aiming to bring forth the best of both worlds, this subcompact pistol is designed to shoot like a full-size model. This unique offering by Shadow Systems has an outstanding fit in G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters, allowing you to carry it with ease and without any discomfort.

Focusing on the features, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is packed with a 13+1 round extended capacity or 10+1 flush-fit capacity, assuring that you are always prepared, no matter the circumstances. The increased capacity ensures that the CR920 Elite stands out in the market of concealable, subcompact pistols.

The slide of the CR920 Elite comes with directional serrations at both the front and rear, a feature available for all models. The Elite model, on the other hand, spices up things a little bit more. In addition to the regular features, it includes directional topside serrations and a weight-optimizing window cut, which enhances the pistol’s overall performance and handling.

But that’s not all; the shadow systems CR920 Elite comes with steel sights that have been carefully designed for easy usage. The rear sight is blacked out and serrated, while the front sight shines with a bright green tritium, ensuring uncompromised visibility and accuracy at any given time.

All these features contribute to making the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite not just another subcompact pistol, but a tool of precision, reliability, and convenience, shaped to fit your lifestyle and shooting needs. Experience the revolution in compact pistols with the CR920 Elite and redefine your shooting experience.

Enhanced Grip and Control: The CR920 Elite Directional Serrations

for a subcompact that pairs a tactical aesthetic with functional design, look no further than the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite. The Elite model specifically has been crafted meticulously to provide users with enhanced grip and control, reducing the chance of misfire or discomfort during extended use.

One of the standout features of the CR920 is the implementation of directional serrations. These are found on both the front and rear of all models. But what makes the Elite model stand apart is the addition of topside serrations. These serrations enable superior weapon control, lessening the possibility of hand slippage under stressful conditions or when your hands are wet or sweaty. Why are these serrations so important? They help offer a non-slip surface that ensures a firm grip, allowing for improved handling and manipulation of the firearm.

Moreover, the CR920 Elite goes a step ahead by featuring a weight-optimizing window cut. This not only aids in reducing the weapon’s overall weight, but it also helps maintain balance while shooting, making it the go-to choice for those requiring a concealed carry firearm that doesn’t compromise on performance and ease of use.

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite also offers steel sights with a blacked-out, serrated rear and a bright, green tritium front — developed for an easy-sight picture. Whether it’s day or night, these sights assist in target acquisition swiftly and accurately, making it a reliable companion no matter the scenario.

As a discerning user, you understand that a firearm isn’t just about power – it’s also about control and reliability. With its design features, the CR920 Elite from Shadow Systems secures its position as a subcompact that offers both in abundance.

  • Serrated Slide Check
  • Easy-to-Acquire Sights Check
  • Comfortable Grip and Superior Control Check

Indeed, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite leaves no box unchecked when it comes to delivering an ultra-concealable subcompact that exceeds expectations.

Combat Optic and Elite Models: The Edge with Shadow Systems Multi-Footprint Optic Cut

Are you ready to up your game with the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite? Well, this model offers an unparalleled shooting experience. One of the key components that set it apart from the competition is the patented Shadow Systems multi-footprint optic cut. It’s a game-changer.

The optic cut is ingeniously designed to allow direct-to-slide mounting of a variety of micro red dot options. This unique feature opens up a world of customization possibilities for your firearm. You’re not just limited to obscure, low-end brands. With the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of top brands, including the renowned Shield RMS and Holosun 507K.

Elite Match-Grade Barrel for Supreme Accuracy

If you thought the innovations stopped at the optic cut, prepare to be even more impressed. Along with this feature, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is equipped with a match-grade, spiral-fluted 3.41-inch barrel. Providing you with a far-cry above standard barrels, this feature perfectly complements the high-end optic system of this model.

But the extra cherry on top? The absolutely impressive finishes in bronze TiCN or black nitride. Think of them as the finishing touch to a state-of-art pistol – an encapsulation of the design philosophy of Shadow Systems. Not only do these finishes provide a pleasing aesthetic touch, but they also serve a practical function, offering extra resilience and durability to your CR920 Elite over the years.

Clearly, with the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite, you are not just getting a firearm, but a dependable and highly versatile companion, ready to faithfully serve, no matter the circumstance.

Superior Internals for Unmatched Performance and Safety

Believe it or not, the real magic of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is beneath its sleek surface. Go ahead, take a closer look at the internals, where you’ll discover a stainless steel guide rod designed for guaranteeing precision every time you pull the trigger. Trust us, whenever you’re in an intense situation, this feature will prove indispensable.

But that’s not all. The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite also boasts a drop-safe, flat-faced trigger. This is not an ordinary trigger, mind you. With a trigger pull weight ranging from 4.5 to 5.0 pounds, this firearm offers a perfect balance between control and force. The result? A crisp, tactile reset that provides you with the confidence and reassurance you need during every confrontation.

Boxed in Style and Designed for Convenience

Now, isn’t it absolutely wonderful when practicality meets aesthetics? The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite certainly thinks so. This pistol ships in a stylish, yet protective zippered pistol rug. But the best part is still to come. Inside that exquisite rug are two magazines – a 13+1 extended capacity magazine for when the going gets tough and a flush 10+1 capacity magazine for exceptional concealability during subtler operations.

So, isn’t it time you experienced the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite difference for yourself? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, this well-rounded, high-performance subcompact pistol is sure to impress.

Exploring the 9mm Caliber and Striker Fire Action of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

When it comes to understanding the prowess of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite, we must dissect the defining attributes: its 9mm caliber and striker fire action. Both offer unique advantages in shooting performance, setting the CR920 Elite apart from your average pistol.

The CR920 Elite firing the 9mm caliber is no coincidence. Recognized globally for their exact balance between power and controllability, 9mm rounds make the CR920 Elite an appreciated tool for both self-defense and field carry. The 9mm caliber offers extensive versatility which makes it ideal for various shooting situations. It’s a commonly used bullet size, so finding ammunition isn’t an issue.

Striker Fire Action: The Power in Your Hands

Moving on to another standout feature, the striker fire action. The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite enhances the shooting experience by integrating a robust, simple, and consistent mechanism. Primarily, the striker fire action signifies a type of firing mechanism that uses a spring-loaded firing pin. This mechanism relies on the energy of the trigger pull, rather than a hammer, to ignite the primer and discharge the bullet.

This high-performance semi-automatic firing action ensures you’ll be able to shoot rapid sequences with both precision and high-cycle reliability. This is especially significant for anyone seeking an edge in a self-defense situation or competitive shooting. With the striker fire action, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite delivers on its promise of superior performance while keeping safety paramount.

So, what truly defines the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite isn’t just its compact design or high round capacity. It’s the superior shootability, reliability, and safety provided by features like the 9mm caliber and striker fire action. This weapon encapsulates the spirit of elite performance. Now that you fully grasp these technical aspects, it’s easier to appreciate why the CR920 Elite stands above its contemporaries.

Capacity: A Gun Prepared for When It Counts

Welcome to the magic of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite. With a 10+1 flush-fit capacity, it offers you not only exceptional performance but also the assurance of having an extra round at your disposal. It’s always prepared for a high-stake situation, characterizing both reliability and readiness.

The Polymer Frame: Uncompromising Durability Meets Lightweight Design

Get Shadow Systems CR920 Elite
Get Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

What makes the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite an exceptional choice is its polymer frame. While keeping the weight to a minimum, this sturdy material ensures long-term durability without compromising the pistol’s performance or comfort while handling. It’s the perfect balance between practicality and easy, efficient usage.

Stainless Steel Slide Material: An Edge in Precision and Longevity

The stainless steel slide on the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite sets a new standard in the world of handguns. Designed to withstand rigorous use, it lends durability, precision, and smooth operation, all the while resisting corrosion and wear. It’s the secret to uncompromised performance, round after round.

Barrel Material: Stainless Steel, for Unmatched Shot Stability

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite’s stainless steel barrel is the sealer of its performance package. Intricately designed to offer impeccable shot stability and longevity, this material choice ensures that your weapon operates at its peak for an extended period. It’s the makings of a reliable sidearm that lives up to your expectations, time and again.

: A Balance of Power and Comfort in the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

A critically-acclaimed feature of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is its smooth trigger pull, ideally set at 4.5 to 5 lbs. This convenient resistance creates a balance between power and control, thus enhancing the weapon’s overall performance, without compromising safety or comfort.

Compact Size and Lightweight Capacity: The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is revered not just for its impressive features and performance but also for its compact and lightweight design. With a barrel length of just 3.41″, this ultra-concealable subcompact comfortably fits into G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the CR920 Elite boasts of a minimal weight of only 17.8 oz. Equally worth mentioning are its dimensions: a width and height of 1.05″ and 4.27″ respectively. All these make the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite a preferred choice among firearms enthusiasts who prioritize comfort without sacrificing power or performance.

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Shadow Systems CR920 Elite Product Image
Shadow Systems CR920 Elite Product Image

Welcome back to our blog where we continue to delve into the phenomenal world of firearms. Today, we turn our focus to the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite, a highly sophisticated, ultra-concealable subcompact pistol that doesn’t compromise on shootability. Seemingly adapting to the mantra, “small but mighty,” this gun is designed with no less comfort and control than a full-size pistol, yet it tucks away easily within a G43X MOS or G48 MOS holster. Truly, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite continues to challenge the norms and raise the standards in the firearm industry.

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence.” – George Washington

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s start with an overview of what the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite has in store. This feature-rich pistol comes complete with:

  • A 13+1 round extended capacity that also accommodates a 10+1 flush fit.
  • A slide with directional serrations at both the front and rear for every model, with the Elite model boasting additional topside serrations and a weight-optimizing window cut to fine-tune the pistol’s balance and weldability.
  • Steel sights sporting a blacked-out serrated rear and a beautifully contrasting bright green tritium front. Not only does this combination lend an impressive aesthetic, but it also heightens the clarity of your sight picture, bolstering target acquisition and accuracy.

Now that we’ve sparked your interest, let’s get down to the details and take a look at what it truly means to wield the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite.

Mastering the CR920 Elite: Tips and Techniques for Optimal Performance

It’s thrilling to grasp the ferocious power of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite, but mastering it calls for a specific set of tips and techniques. When appropriately handled, it unveils its true potential, seamlessly merging comfort and performance.

The first thing to remember while handling the CR920 Elite is its lightweight yet robust construction. It is designed to provide the shootability of a full-size pistol while offering the convenience and stealth of a subcompact. Harness the power it comes with, but don’t let it overpower you.

  • Feel the Grip: The ergonomic design of the CR920 Elite makes it considerably easy to handle, even for extended shooting sessions. Make sure you have a solid, comfortable grip that allows for controlled and precise shooting.
  • Focus on the Sights: The Elite model comes with a blacked-out serrated rear and a bright green tritium front sight. This setup creates easy sight pictures in diverse lighting conditions, enhancing focus and accuracy.
  • Master the Capacity: Understand the extended capacity of 13+1 rounds or the flush-fit capacity of 10+1 rounds. Knowing your ammunition limit is crucial for effective shooting situations.
  • Take Advantage of the Holsters: With the CR920 Elite’s compatibility with G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters, ensure you utilize these for the best carry experience.

These are just a few preliminary tips while handling the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite. However, remember that mastering any weapon is a gradual process, reliant on practice and consistency. The CR920 Elite’s superior features make it an incredible match for any shooter dedicated to improving their skills.

Remember, the impressive powers of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite are in your hands. Learning to wield them correctly transforms it from an advantageous tool into an extension of your own abilities. Explore this subcompact marvel and discover your shooting potential!

Exploring the CR920 Elite’s Design Philosophy: Form Meets Function

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite truly embodies the philosophy of “form meets function”. Meticulously designed and intelligently engineered, every feature of the CR920 Elite serves a purpose, contributing to its overall efficiency and effectiveness. This is clearly reflected in the detail-oriented enhancements provided in the Elite version.

The directional topside serrations and the weight-optimizing window cut demonstrate this philosophy. Not only do they contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the firearm, but they also significantly enhance the gun’s functionality. The topside serrations assist in improving the weapon’s handling during high-stress situations, ensuring you have a firm grip at all times. Similarly, the weight-optimizing window cut reduces the overall weight of the firearm, simultaneously giving the shooter more control.

In the world of subcompact pistols, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite stands apart. It doesn’t compromise on size or shootability, instead striking the perfect balance between an ultra-concealable design and a comfortable shooting experience. Whether it’s the 13+1 round extended capacity or the 10+1 flush-fit capacity, this firearm is built to ensure you’re never left wanting in high-pressure scenarios.

The steel sights, featuring a blacked-out serrated rear and a bright green tritium front, are not just a design element but also a crucial function feature. They offer an easy and quick sight picture, which an absolutely essential for effective shooting. The choice of color for the tritium front sight provides the shooter with an easy and quick sighting even in low-light conditions.

The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite integrates form and function, embodying a design philosophy that champions both practicality and aesthetics.

Every element of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite harks back to its design philosophy. It respects the shooter’s need for a comfortable, user-friendly experience while being concealed enough to carry around with ease. So, whether you’re an experienced gun owner looking for a reliable subcompact or a first-time buyer wanting a user-friendly shooting experience, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite fits the bill.


Shadow Systems CR920 Elite FAQ
Shadow Systems CR920 Elite FAQ

Q1. What is so special about the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite’s design?

A: The CR920 Elite is specifically designed for both consistency and comfort. It’s ultra-concealable, fitting easily inside G43X MOS or G48 MOS holsters. Despite being a subcompact, it is engineered to shoot like a full-size pistol, offering the best of both worlds.

Q2. What is the capacity of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite?

The CR920 Elite offers a 13+1 round extended capacity or a 10+1 flush-fit capacity, giving you ample ammunition for any situation.

Q3. What features does the Elite model of the CR920 add over the standard model?

A: The Elite model enhances the standard features with additional topside directional serrations and a weight-optimizing window cut. These features further improve grip and control, in addition to reducing weight.

Q4. What Material is the slide of the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite made of?

A: The slide of the CR920 Elite is made of stainless steel, ensuring the durability, precision, and longevity of the firearm.

Q5. What type of sights does the CR920 Elite have?

A: The CR920 Elite features steel sights with a blacked-out serrated rear and a bright green tritium front, making for an easy-sight picture.

Q6. Are there any specific shooting techniques for mastering the CR920 Elite?

A: Mastering the CR920 Elite involves regular practice in various scenarios to fully understand and efficiently use its features. However, the design and features of the CR920 Elite are such that even beginners can get to grips quite quickly.

Q7. Where can I buy the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite?

A: The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite can be purchased from reputable online stores such as Brownellsguns.com which offers the firearm at a reasonable price.


The Shadow Systems CR920 Elite is indeed a game-changer in the world of subcompact pistols. Uniting convenience, effectiveness, and high-end performance in one compact package, it offers advantages to both professional and novice shooters. The specifically designed features like directional serrations, weight-optimizing window cuts, and an excellent sight picture make shooting with the CR920 Elite an unforgettable experience. Its concealability ensures ease of carrying, making it a reliable partner for personal protection.

Significantly, the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite doesn’t compromise on capacity, despite being the size of a compact pistol. It manages to pack an impressive 13+1 round extended or 10+1 flush-fit capacity. This impressive feature, coupled with an Elite match-grade barrel, ensures your shooting remains consistent and accurate.

Shadow Systems CR920 Elite
Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

Elevate your concealed carry game with the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite. Discover its ultra-concealable design.

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