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Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500

Explore the power and precision of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500. With a speed of 500 FPS and 222.00 FT-LBS kinetic energy, this crossbow is designed for long-range accuracy. Buy crossbow sniper ravin r 500 with BTC.

Key Benefits and Feature

  • Speed of 500 FPS for Long-Range Accuracy
  • High Kinetic Energy (222.00 FT-LBS)
  • Adjustable Turret Scope for Precision Shooting
  • Hex Coil Cam System for Exceptional Performance
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Premium Arrows Included
  • Scope Level for Enhanced Accuracy


  • Weight: 8.4 LBS
  • Length: 28.5″
  • Width (Cocked): 3.6″ Axle to Axle
  • Width (Uncocked): 7.8″ Axle to Axle
  • Power Stroke: 15″
  • Draw Force: 17 LBS
  • SKU: R051
  • Color: Slate Gray

Unleash Your Inner Sniper: Exploring the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 Package with Hex Coil Cam System

Buy Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500
Buy Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500

If you’re a hunter or shooter striving to become a long-range marksman, then allow us to introduce you to the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500. Trusted by professionals worldwide, the Ravin R500 restricts no boundaries when it comes to long-distance precision shooting. This state-of-the-art crossbow is not just fast—it’s game-changing.

Offering an impressive speed of 500 feet per second (FSP), the Ravin R500 Sniper takes crossbow technology to a whole new level. One of the highlights of this model is its Adjustable Turret Scope feature, ensuring that targets far away can be reached with improved precision and relatability. Also worth noting is its proprietary Hex Coil Cam System. Pioneering in its approach, it effortlessly rotates the cams 360˚, transforming traditional crossbows into the most agile, exact, and compact versions you’ve ever seen.

“The Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is an incredible fusion of speed, power and comfort. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, it redefines what a crossbow can be.” – An Expert Reviewer

Ravin R500 Crossbow Sniper Package – Ensuring the Takedown

Our Ravin R500 package is carefully nestled with valuable accessories necessary for a seamless hunting experience. Along with the Ravin Crossbow Sniper, the package includes six premium arrows, an Adjustable Turret Scope, Scope Level, and everything else you’ll need to secure the takedown.

  • 6 high-precision, premium quality arrows
  • Adjustable Turret Scope for an incredible shooting experience
  • Scope Level to maintain the uncompromised accuracy of the crossbow
  • Hex Coil Cam System that transforms the Ravin R500 into a superior, high-speed sniper


Whether you’re a seasoned hunter looking for a suitable upgrade or a beginner aiming for precision, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is the perfect contender to elevate your shooting game to unparalleled heights. Understanding the specifics of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 will plainly exhibit why it’s a supreme choice for any hunt or shooting experience. The pivotal feature of this crossbow is the exclusive Hex Coil Cam System. This innovative system enables the cams to rotate an astonishing 360˚. Not only does this rotation bring an unmatched speed to your shooting, but it also supercharges your accuracy, making it an extraordinary companion for your long-range sniper pursuits.

The build of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is a testament to the thoughtful engineering that has gone into creating this marvel. Its compact design, sporting a sleek slate gray finish, sets it apart from traditional crossbows, giving it an undeniable edge in form and function. This stunning piece not only stands out in appearance but also in the incredible velocity that it offers – a whopping 500 FPS.

One of the unique features of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 – the Adjustable Turret Scope – takes its potential a notch higher. This asset allows hunters and shooters to achieve a fine-tuned focus on their target, ensuring every shot is a success story. It’s not just the crossbow itself that’s remarkable, but the package it comes in—a treasure chest of accessories that accompany it

  • The package includes 6 premium arrows– meticulously crafted for enhanced performance and durability. These arrows can drastically improve your success rate in the field.
  • Scope Level– a necessary tool to help you maintain the perfect balance for accurate shots. It ensures the crossbow is perfectly leveled, contributing to the accuracy of your shot.
  • Adjustable Turret Scope– allowing for precision adjustments to get the desired focus on your target, resulting in a perfect shot every time.

To sum it up, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 isn’t simply a product; it offers an experience that redefines hunting and shooting. Its unique features cater to every need of a long-range sniper, making it a crucial tool in their arsenal. It’s time to get your hands on this remarkable piece and experience unparalleled accuracy and speed!

Specifications – The Power Behind the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500

The true magic of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 lies in its incredible specifications that take hunting and shooting precision to the next level. Whether it’s about speed, energy, size, or weight, this innovative weapon has it all figured out.

Picture this: the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 can release arrows at an astonishing speed of 500 FPS (feet per second). This rapid speed, coupled with a 400-grain arrow, generates a tremendous amount of kinetic energy – approximately 222.00 ft.-lbs. That’s enough power to pierce through any target, overcoming even the most challenging hunting conditions.

Despite such potent strength, this crossbow manages to maintain a balanced weight of 8.4 lbs., providing a comfortable grip and ease of control for the shooter. Moreover, with a compact length of 28.5″, it perfectly fits into your hands without compromising its deadly efficiency.

When it comes down to accuracy, the details matter. The Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 comes with a specialized width of 3.6″ when cocked, ensuring an efficient and concise shooting trajectory. Bearing the distinction of being axle to axle, the control and precision you will experience are unmatched.

In essence, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is the epitome of authentic craftsmanship, revolutionizing your hunting and shooting game with its superior performance!

Delving into the Anatomy – Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 Unveiled

Let’s right away delve deep into the anatomy of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500. First off, you will definitely admire its design when it comes to width. Even when uncocked, it stands at a sleek 7.8″ from axle to axle making it compact yet devastatingly effective.

Meanwhile, you’ll find its power stroke at an impressive 15″, ensuring superior shooting trajectory and impact. You might be wondering what powers this machine’s performance. The answer lies in the Hex Coil Cam System. Tucked into this system, you instantly find 17lbs of draw force waiting for you. In other words, the Ravin R500 is a dream for snipers out there.

Hold on, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the SKU: R051. Packed in a slate gray finish, this model adds sleek and professional aesthetics to its already immense list of features. With the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500, the power, precision, and performance you seek lie right at your fingertips!

Introducing Additional Features – Versa Drive Cocking System and More

Enriching your hunting or shooting experience, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is designed with multiple salient features. The Versa Drive Cocking System leads the pack, providing excellent control and efficiency. This mechanism reduces the crossbow’s draw weight while guaranteeing a faultless performance every time you cock the bow.

Enhanced Safety Measures with Anti-Dry Fire and Auto Safety

In addition to performance, the Ravin R500 Crossbow Sniper is committed to your safety. The innovative anti-dry fire feature prevents the crossbow from firing without an arrow in place, thereby reducing the risk of equipment damage or personal injury. Alongside, the auto safety feature automatically resets to safe mode after each shot, ensuring a worry-free shooting experience for users of all experience levels.

The Comfort of Built-In Sling Mounts, Adjustable Cheek Pad, and Buttstock

Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 Product image
Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 Product image

Making the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 easy to use and comfortable for long shooting sessions, the built-in sling mounts facilitate easy carrying, especially in the wild. Adjustability has also been factored in for your convenience, with an adjustable cheek pad and buttstock. These features easily adapt to your comfort level and shooting style, enhancing your accuracy and overall handling of the crossbow.

When it comes to becoming a long-range sniper, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500, with its slew of innovative features, ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re an occasional hunter or a dedicated sharpshooter, this state-of-the-art crossbow is poised to deliver an unparalleled performance every time. No longer settle for anything less than the best with the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500.

Versa Drive Cocking System – Redefining Precision and Control

In the realm of cutting-edge crossbow technology, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 shines with its remarkable Versa Drive Cocking System. The heart of this system lies in its internal screw drive, which meticulously navigates the Trace Trigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. This orchestrated movement ensures a consistent and controlled cocking and uncocking process.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The Versa Drive Cocking System incorporates an ingenious internal clutch. This clutch is designed to eliminate the risk of over-cocking – a common problem that can impair both the accuracy and lifespan of traditional crossbows. With this advanced feature, you have the freedom to stop or resume the cocking and uncocking process at any point without damaging the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 or compromising its superior performance.

Embrace the future of long-range sniping with the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 – a tool designed with precision, reliability, and control in mind.

Unleashing the Trace-Trigger Firing System

Pushing the boundaries even further, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 comes equipped with the innovative Trace-Trigger Firing System. This patented built-in trigger mechanism slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the precise center of the string every time the bow is drawn. This unique feature ensures a consistent straight-line nock travel.

But, what does this mean for you as a hunter or shooter?

Well, it goes beyond being just a cool feature; it presents a unique advantage. Paired with the Hex Coil Cam System, the Trace-Trigger Firing System creates a perfectly balanced draw. This equilibrium generates an unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot, turning you into a genuine long-range sniper. Ultimately, the Trace-Trigger Firing System propels the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 above the competition in terms of consistency, accuracy, and performance.

The Revolutionary Frictionless Flight System

Bringing further innovation to the table, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 introduces the ground-breaking Frictionless Flight System. A patented technology that’s yet another testament to Ravin’s dedication to perfection.

This state-of-the-art system allows the arrow and string to freely float above the rail. By eliminating friction, this technology enhances the crossbow’s ability to provide consistent accuracy every time. But the benefits don’t end at superb shot precision.

The Frictionless Flight System also increases the life of your strings and cables, providing not only top-notch functionality but also longevity. Indeed, this unique offering expands the Helicoid Advantage, making every shot an astonishing demonstration of unrivaled accuracy. All these features solidify the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500’s status as a premier choice for avid hunters and shooters seeking to take their game to the next level.

Silent Cocking – The pinnacle of Stealth and Precision

One of the standout features of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is the fully integrated silent cocking system. This element is meticulously designed to work in conjunction with the Trace Trigger Firing system, ensuring an unmatched level of strategic precision.

Every component in this system is streamlined for zero noise impact. The integrated silent cocking system includes a built-in one-way bearing that eradicates any accompanying noise, resulting in a completely silent draw. This means your target will be none the wiser, giving you an added edge in stealth.

What makes this feature even more remarkable is the flexibility it provides. The cocking mechanism conveniently allows you to halt the draw cycle at any stage during the cocking process. This could be game-changing in situations where you need to adjust your aim or strategy in the blink of an eye.

So, whether you’re taking that crucial long-range shot or quietly stalking your prey, with the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500, they will never hear you coming.

Buy Ravin R500 Crossbow Sniper from Brownellsguns.com

Get Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500
Get Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500

If you’re seeking cutting-edge technology and unrivaled performance in the world of crossbow hunting, then the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 should be your weapon of choice. And when it comes to finding the best online buying experience, look no further than Brownellsguns.com.

This online store guarantees an effortless and secure shopping experience, allowing you to purchase the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 and have it delivered right to your doorstep. But the perks of buying from Brownellsguns.com do not end with convenience and safety. Let’s get into the details now.

  • Authentic Products: The Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 you get from Brownellsguns.com is a 100% original product. You get exactly what you’re paying for – no knockoffs, no imitations, only the best quality straight from Ravin.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer the best pricing for the Ravin R500 Sniper Package. Our commitment is to provide you with the best value for your money, making us a trusted go-to for your hunting gear needs.
  • Excellent Customer Support: We have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns. We believe that our relationship with our customers extends beyond the point of sale, so expect us to be with you every step of the way.
  • Fast Shipping: After making a purchase, it won’t be long before you can start utilizing the potent power of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500. Thanks to our efficient shipping process, you will receive your product in a timely manner, ready for your next hunting adventure.

For a power-packed hunting experience like no other, trust in the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500. Coupled with our impeccable service at Brownellsguns.com, we aim to redefine your hunting journey, ensuring it’s smooth and successful – every time.

Why wait? Step up your game and join the elite circle of snipers with a Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 from Brownellsguns.com today!


Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 Faq
Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 FAQ

Q1. What makes the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 unique?

A: The Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is distinct for its proprietary Hex Coil Cam System, which rotates a full 360˚ for unmatched speed, accuracy, and compactness. It’s a seminal advancement in crossbow technology, opening up a new realm of possibilities for users.

Q2. What is included in the Ravin R500 Sniper accessory package?

A: In addition to the up-to-the-minute adjustable turret scope that compliments the R500’s highly innovative features, our Ravin Sniper accessory package also offers 6 premium grade arrows and a scope level. This makes it a comprehensive solution giving you a start-to-finish shooting system.

Q3. What color is the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 available in?

A: The Ravin Crossbow Sniper R500 comes in a sleek and highly durable slate gray color, designed to be both stylish and functional in your outdoor hunting activities.

Q4. How does the Adjustable Turret Scope enhance the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500’s performance?

A: The Adjustable Turret Scope, a feature of the R500 Sniper, enhances your long-range sniping capabilities. It offers a clearer view of your target and aids in making accurate, precise shots. It elevates your sniping game to the next level, even in varying outdoor conditions.

Q5. How effective is the Hex Coil Cam System in the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500?

A: The Hex Coil Cam System is a proprietary feature of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 that rotates the cams up to 360˚. This revolutionizes the speed and accuracy of the crossbow, making it one of the fastest, most accurate, and compact models in the crossbow arena.

Q6. How compact is the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500?

A:Thanks to the Hex Coil Cam System, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 is incredibly compact. The cams’ full 360˚ rotation makes the crossbow highly portable and easy to maneuver, a crucial advantage in the field.

Q7. Where can I buy the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500?

A: You can purchase the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 online at our website, Brownellsguns.com. We provide a seamless shopping experience coupled with prompt and secure delivery services.


Soaring to new heights of craftsmanship and technological prowess, the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500 stands undefeatable in its league. The product brings to you the grandeur of superlative performance while ensuring convenience, safety, and versatility at every turn.

The exclusive Hex Coil Cam System underscores the exceptional credentials of this crossbow – by rotating the cams a staggering 360˚, this system delivers phenomenal speed, accuracy, and compactness. This transformative technological feat transmutes a traditional crossbow into an unmatched, superior sniper tool. Coupled with the Adjustable Turret Scope, the hide-and-seek game of hunting and shooting becomes a smooth, effortless task with assured takedowns.

Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500
Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500

Explore the power and precision of the Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500. With a speed of 500 FPS and 222.00 FT-LBS kinetic energy.

Product SKU: CSRR500

Product Brand: Crossbow Sniper Ravin R500

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 2999

Price Valid Until: 2024-09-29T20:51:19+00:00

Product In-Stock: InStock

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